Noname seems to respond to J. Cole in the new song “Song 33”


Noname seems to address J. Cole and the controversy surrounding his album “Snow on tha Bluff” in a new surprise song.Thursday, June 18, two days after the 35-year-old rapper’s single “Snow on tha Bluff” received widespread criticism for allegedly shooting Noname and criticizing black women for not taking the time to educate black community on social justice. problems in an easier to understand manner, Noname spoke of the incident in a new single called “Song 33”.

The rapper-activist shared a link to her new album via Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, she posted an image containing the lyrics to the song.

Before addressing Cole, the “Shadow Man” rapper talks about other important issues within the black community. She begins the trail by mentioning the death of 19-year-old Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau (known as Toyin), who was murdered after being sexually assaulted by a church man who had offered him refuge . The rhyme born in Chicago also affects the countless other black women who have been victims, killed and displaced by society.

“A missing girl, another who’s going to disappear / A missing girl, another,” she rhymes, before presumably tackling the events that took place earlier this week. “Is he really about to write about me when the world is up in smoke?” / When they are people in the trees? / When George begged for his mother / Saying he couldn’t breathe, you thought you were writing about me? Spits on the rhythm produced by Madlib.

Noname uses the lead to draw attention to the many problems encountered within the black community. The 28-year-old rapper draws attention to the beef, which comes from a tweet, and brings the conversation back to the Black Live Matters Movement. She uses her bars to express that the issues arising from Cole’s comments do not outweigh the importance of raising awareness of the lynchings and murders of blacks at the hands of the police and racists.

Shortly after the song was released, the founder of Dreamville Records tweeted “Song 33” to help spread the word about Noname’s message.

Listen to “Song 33” below.

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