Nokia to cut more than 1,200 jobs in France


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                Le finlandais Nokia Oyj plans de coupe de 1 233 emplois à sa filiale française Alcatel-Lucent International, l'équivalent d'un tiers de l'unité de main-d'œuvre, le groupe a déclaré lundi, confirmant une version antérieure du rapport de Reuters.

L'annonce a une résonance politique en France comme Nokia acheté le produit il y a cinq ans, à condition qu'il permettrait de maintenir des emplois.

Nokia, which competes with Ericsson and Huawei on lucrative networks in 5G, said in a statement that the reduction in staff was necessary due to significant pressure on costs.

Nokia said in April that it aimed to reduce the costs of 500 million euros ($560.30 millions of dollars) by the end of this year, compared to the results of the year 2018, with € 350 million will come from operating costs and $ 150 million of cost of sales.

When Nokia has bought Alcatel-Lucent International, it is committed to preserving jobs in France for two years, and the expansion of research and development teams in the country to make it a resource within the group for the next generation of mobile internet technology, or 5G.

The French research and development teams are particularly affected by the job cuts.

Nokia became free of these commitments this month, a spokesman said.

Contacted by Reuters, the French government had no immediate comment.

“Nokia will continue to be a major employer in France, with a strong presence in the R&D, sales and services, which will enable us to develop and execute our clients ‘projects efficiently,” said Thierry Boisnon, president of Nokia in France.

Nokia uses 5,138 people in France, of which 3,640 working for Alcatel-Lucent International.

The entity is part of the Alcatel-Lucent group before Nokia purchased it in 2015 in a deal that valued the French company at 15.6 billion euros.

The merger was examined by the French government and its minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron, who is now the president.

“It’s just a low-cost strategy that is implemented, contrary to all the commitments made by Nokia in France. Nokia pokes fun of everyone, first and foremost the French government, ” the CFE-CGC union at Nokia, has stated on his web site.




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