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NEW YORK – While the threat of the spread of COVID-19 has prohibited the overnight camps this summer and that the number of deaths from coronavirus is at its lowest level in New York since the beginning of the epidemic, governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated on Saturday his call for local governments to redraw their police forces under penalty of losing State funding.

The overnight camps will not be permitted for the summer of 2020, has announced Cuomo Saturday at his office on the Third Avenue in Manhattan. Whereas day camps for children have got the green light, the overnight camps will not be allowed this summer because they were considered to be at a higher risk of spread of the virus, said the health commissioner of New York State Howard Zucker, M. D.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the State has made decisions “based on science and the facts,” said Mr. Zucker.

“The facts are that this is a rally,” said Mr. Zucker. “There are a lot of children together in a berth, slept together. They eat in the same common area, they share a bathroom, so the social distancing is simply not possible. Thus, the virus will come in one of these camps and it will spread.

Cuomo has signed 10 bills on Friday in the framework of a legislative package on the reform of the police, including a new law requiring local governments to work with the community to redesign the police.

“If you want to be the capital of a progressive, you must lead with action,” said Cuomo at a briefing in New York on Saturday. “New York leads with a true reform. ”

The movement to reform the police comes in the wake of national protests and global arising out of the death of George Floyd, a black man unarmed, who died after a police officer of Minneapolis kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes on the 25th of may.

The package of reforms ” turn the page “, because the demands of protesters have been heard, ” said Mr. Cuomo. The time has come to act and to ” really change “, he added.

“Protest, manifest, show indignation, show the frustration, then do something about it,” said the governor. “It is not a question of protest to protest. It is a protest to make the change.

Local governments are required to meet with community stakeholders to find police forces strengthened, which could mean changes in staffing, the penalty for the use of force by the agents, the way in which the management of crowds was handled, the police

the equipment, the way in which complaints against the police are handled, and how the forces can be disarmed, if this is what the community wants, and how it would look, Cuomo said.

It is up to local governments to develop a plan, using input from the community, and adopt a new law by April 1, 2021, a deadline, under penalty of losing State funding.

“If you don’t, the local governments, you will not get State funding. It is as simple as that, ” said Cuomo. “We will not tell you what to do, but you have to go through the process. ”

Communities that establish a local police force does not need to change will require elected officials to adopt a law stating that, Cuomo said.

The law will be made locally and is not designed to increase the participation of the State in local matters, secretary to the governor Melissa DeRosa said.

“It is not to increase the voice of the government of the State in the process, or add more politicians in the process “, said Mr. DeRosa. “It is about empowering communities. This is what we see from the protesters. People have the impression that there is a lack of accountability within police premises and that they are not being heard. This forces the community to the table.

The goal of the redesign process is to restore the confidence the community has in the police, ” said Cuomo.

“no police service can only work, not in this State, not in this nation, if they do not have the confidence or the respect of the community,” said Cuomo.

Through the process of reopening following a judgment of the coronavirus, the western New York should move to phase 3 Tuesday, followed closely by the capital region on Wednesday.

The State has experienced its lowest number of deaths in the last 24 hours since the beginning of the health crisis, with 32, of which 24 are in hospitals and eight in nursing homes. There were 1 734 hospitalizations, and 517 patients in intensive care units, with 360 intubations and 68 584 patients discharged from the hospital.

“The number of hospitalizations is at its lowest level since 20 march, the date on which this nightmare began,” said Mr. Cuomo.

At the June 11, more than 2.8 million New Yorkers have been tested for the virus, nearly 71 000 others in the last 24 hours.

New Yorkers must remain vigilant in the social distancing and wear of the cover faces the process of re-opening has seen an increase in the number of infections in 22 other States and Puerto Rico, Cuomo said. Fourteen States have experienced an increase of more than 25% during the last week.

“New York is the anomaly, New York is the opposite,” said Cuomo. “Almost all of the other States have re-opened and saw the number [of infections] mount. New York, we go down. We have re-opened, the number continues to decline. It is abnormal for the rest of the nation.

At the height of the pandemic in New York, the State had the highest rate of infections and the transmission rate, and is now among the lowest in the nation.

“The turnaround of the most spectacular in the country,” said Mr. Cuomo. “This may be one of the twists and turns of the most spectacular in the world facing this virus COVIDE. ”

While the regions of the State continue the process of reopening, it will be up to local governments to enforce the observance of the mandates of the State to ensure that the number of infections remains manageable, said Mr. Cuomo.

“ou will see small fluctuations – it will increase a little, it will drop a little, and this is ibe,” said Cuomo, adding that this is the general trend in the number of infections that will determine if the re-opening can continue.

“There are States which stop the reopening “, he said. “This is the last thing someone wants to do, and it is completely counter-productive. “


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