No stimulus check yet? Follow with this IRS tool to see what happens


An online tool can help tell you when your stimulus money is coming. James Martin/CNET

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If your stimulus check had not yet arrived, you have a few options. You can show patience and wait for your coronavirus the payment to show. You can call the IRS to report the loss of your cheque. Or, you can take the middle road and use a free, online tracking tool called My Payment to try to find out what’s going on.

The IRS portal is designed to show you if the IRS is still processing your money or has planned to go out. It will also tell you if your stimulus payment sent by mail a paper cheque or prepaid debit card, or through direct deposit into your bank account if you have had the set up before 13 May. Finally, it will inform you of any the problems that you may need to address before the IRS may give your check to the starting signal.

Note that My Payment is not perfect, and in the past, people have had a few problems — since the IRS has updated its tool. This is not a crystal ball, you can always need to do a little digging to discover what is happening in your exact scenario. We will explain how to use My Payment, including the details that you need to have on hand before you begin.

For more information on the stimulus checks, here’s what to do if you think. In Addition, what are the latest details about a second round of stimulus checks and how much money you could get. We update this story often.

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What to do before you can use the Get My Payment tool

  • The tool will ask you for your Social Security number (SSN) or individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), date of birth, your address and your zip code.
  • The IRS is sending payments on a calendar. He thinks of lots of payments that are sent at once, rather than individually. The My Payment tool can ballpark your scheduled date.
  • The IRS updates its tracking status information once per day.
  • You should receive a letter about 15 days after the IRS issues your payment, with information on the amount that you have received and how you received it.

After the use of the IRS tracker, you can also sign up for a free service of the position you said exactly when your stimulus check will arrive in the mail.

Is the stimulus check again? How is it now? But what is it now?

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How to track the status and arrival of your IRS stimulus check

If you are eligible for an audit, the IRS allows you to follow your payment schedule through the My Payment web portal. Some people have reported having difficulty using the portal, and the IRS has said that it has significantly improved the Get My Payment application to help you set up and track the date of your stimulus payment.

1. Head to the IRS on My Payment page and press the blue My Payment button to check the status of your economic impact of payment.

2. On the next page about the permitted use, press OK.

3. Now, on My Payment page, enter your SSN or ITIN, your birth date, your address and your zip code. Press Continue.

On the next page, the portal will display the status of your payment, if it was planned or if the service cannot even determine your status.

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Stimulus Checks Telephone Assistance


Is my status correct information, and what to do if I get an error message?

You can see the confusion of messages when using the tool state, if although the IRS explains common status messages in a FAQ. You can get a message if it is impossible to determine your eligibility, for example, or the status of your payment is not available. We are looking, but so far, we’ve uncovered a handful of reasons why My Payment may not be able to track your payment status.

You do not need to register to qualify for the stimulus funds

To receive the stimulus payment, you may be file a tax return for 2018 or 2019 if you are normally required to do so. You can still do that now. Here’s how.

Senior citizens, the recipients of Social benefits, railroad retirees and other beneficiaries that generally are not required to file tax returns will not need to file to receive a payment.

Once again, the agency will send a letter to a taxpayer’s last known address within 15 days after the mailing of the payment. The letter will contain information on when and how the payment was made, and how to report to the IRS if you have not received your cheque.

Do I know if my cheque is in the mail?

The IRS deadline for direct deposit with the government adopted on 13 May. If you have not configured your account, you will have more chances to get your check in the mail.

While most people will receive a paper check, the Treasury Department has said 4 million people will have an Economic Impact Payment, or EIP, prepaid debit card instead (and, as early as the first week of June, he said that these payments have been made). We asked the U.S. Treasury to clarify who receives a cheque and who receives a debit card.

Have you tried the US Postal Service mail-tracking application?

Here’s another way to track your check in the mail.

If you’re waiting for your stimulus payment to arrive in the mail or as a paper check or a prepaid debit card — the US Postal Service has a free application that can warn you when he is about to deliver your letter to the IRS. Called Informed of the Delivery, the mail-tracking service that automatically analyzes your letters and can alert you when they will be delivered. Here is more information on how to set up and use the follow-up letter to the service from the USPS for the tracking of your payment.

For more information, here the best way to use your stimulus check. And here’s everything you need to know about the coronavirus and unemployment.


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