No new coronavirus deaths recorded overnight in Scotland for the first time


No new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Scottish hospitals overnight, the Scottish government has announced. However, there has been a confirmed increase in the number of positive cases this afternoon, with 18 new cases reported bringing the total to 15,621.

A total of 646 people are currently hospitalized, while the number of people in intensive care stands at 16, which does not change from the figures reported yesterday (Saturday).

This is the first time that no deaths from coronaviruses in patients who test positive in the hospital have been reported since March.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, however, went on Twitter to say the numbers were still lower this weekend.

She wrote: “We can’t read the numbers for a single day too much – and we know that death registration is relatively weak on weekends – but nonetheless it’s a title that we all really want to see. ”

This comes after Scotland moved from phase 0 to phase one last week, which gave us a little more freedom after weeks of tight lockdowns.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged caution as restrictions across the country are relaxed.

Face covers could become mandatory in public places, such as shops or public transport.

Scottish ministers plan to implement the measure after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that it would be mandatory in England to cover public transport.


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