No more earless horses found dead in France


The last two victims were found in Seine-Maritime in Normandy, according to France Bleu radio. They follow two other similar attacks in the same department at the beginning of June. The police of several departments as well as a special unit dedicated to the fight against damage to the environment and public health are currently under investigation.On June 6, a mare was found dead near Dieppe, her right ear cut cleanly. Then, almost two weeks later in Grumesnil, a man found his 14-year-old donkey dead on his meadow, his ear cut off and one of his eyes dug. The owner, Loïc Crampon, who raises donkeys, complained to the police, said France Bleu.

“It is a gratuitous act for a defenseless being, it is inhuman to do so,” the radio reported.

Now, investigators have discovered two other cases in Seine-Maritime, although the owners of the animals have not officially complained.

Several other incidents have taken place in France since February in Moselle, Vendée, Aisne and Somme involving attacks on horses and donkeys. Each animal had a cut ear.

Mr. Crampon told France Bleu that this could be the work of a sect or part of a satanic ritual, but he believes it is more likely to be some sort of Internet challenge.

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