No arrests after police search of Lynn Bowden’s home


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A search warrant was executed at the home where Raiders recruit Lynn Bowden resides this morning, but no arrests have been made.

WKBN reported that Bowden lived in the house, but a statement released by Bowden officials said that Bowden was just a guest there.

“This morning, a house belonging to a member of our client’s family, Lynn Bowden Jr., was searched by the DEA in Youngstown, Ohio,” said the press release. “Lynn and her young son were invited to the house. During the process, authorities handcuffed everyone present to secure the area. Lynn cooperated fully with law enforcement during the search. At the end of the search, Lynn was released, was not arrested and was not charged with any crime. In fact, no arrests have been made. ”

Federal agents are said to have seized several rifles and handguns loaded into the house after police made undercover purchases there.

Bowden played quarterback, wide catcher, kicker and kicker in Kentucky and last year won the Paul Hornung Award as the most versatile player in college football. The Raiders selected him in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft.


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