Nigel Farage travels to attend Donald Trump rally studied by the Committee on Homeland Security and News Policy


A US congressman launched an investigation after Nigel Farage apparently flew to America to attend a Donald Trump rally during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bennie G Thompson, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Homeland Security Committee, said that the decision to allow the visit raised many troubling questions “in the age of UK travel restrictions.

The United States has banned entry for arrivals from Britain, except US citizens, family members and “people who meet certain exceptions”.

Farage posted a photo of him on Saturday with the caption, “Only twenty Tulsa ovens in the United States” – the destination of the President of the United States, the weekend rally.

Mr. Thompson said he had sent a letter to Chad Wolf, as secretary of internal security, asking “to all relevant documents” on the decision to lift the travel ban for Mr. Farage “.

He said, “The Trump administration’s decision to admit Mr. Farage for the United States to allow him to attend a rally campaign at a time when most travel from the kingdom – United to the United States has been suspended raises many troubling questions, as claimed that such a trip was in the national interest. ”

Mr. Thompson, Mississippi Democrat, said a statement to his staff by the American Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed Mr. Farage was first denied boarding when he attempted to fly to from the UK to the US due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions.

Bennie G Thompson asked for information on who approved Mr. Farage’s visit

According to the MP, the CBP said the Department of Homeland Security conducted a review and determined Mr. Farage’s trip was “admissible”, as his entry to the US “would be in the national interest” and he was authorized to board.

In his letter to Mr. de Wolf, Mr. Thompson requested that the Department of Homeland Security provide “all communication” since March 14 related to Mr. Farage’s trip to the United States.

He also requested documents on “the individual who ultimately approved travel to the United States by Mr. Farage” and “the determination and justification” the trip “was a matter of national interest”.

Sky News has contacted a Brexit Party for comment.

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Mr. Farage already appeared alongside Mr. Trump to give a speech to a Mississippi rally in August 2016, before the last American presidential election.

At the time, he spoke of his role in the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, but stopped Trump’s approval for the president.

It was announced earlier this month that Mr. Farage will are no longer hosting their LBC Radio show that he has presented since January 2017.


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