NHL claims 26 players have tested positive for coronavirus since June 8


The NHL says 26 players have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of phase 2 of its return to play protocol on June 8.Figures released Monday include 11 positive results previously announced on June 19. The league added that it also knew of 11 other positive players outside of phase 2 in the past three weeks.

The NHL reported conducting more than 1,450 tests for COVID-19 on more than 250 players in Phase 2, which saw training facilities open for on-ice and off-ice small group training as directed strict health and safety.

Four separate teams announced a total of 10 positive tests for the new coronavirus this spring – five from Ottawa, three from Colorado and one from Pittsburgh and Boston.

The league and the NHL players’ association continue to negotiate plans for a resumption of the 2019-2020 season delayed by the pandemic, including health and safety measures, and the location of two hub cities that will combine to accommodate 24 clubs.

The training camps, which represent phase 3 of the return to play protocol, are scheduled to open on July 10. If all goes well, we hope that the season will resume later in the month or early August.

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