Newsom: 36.5% of total state COVID-19 cases occurred in the last 2 weeks


The california Prop. Gavin Newsom, has provided an update on the coronavirus pandemic Monday, delivering a clear message that the new cases are on the increase and people need to wear their masks.

On Sunday, the state reported 46,735 case since mid-March. Newsom noted that in the past two weeks, the state has seen a 35.6 per cent of all cases up to now.

“Those who suggest that we’re out of the woods, those who suggest that this is somehow going to disappear, these figures speak of a very, very different and sad story,” Newsom said. “We’re not out of the first wave. ”

The number of people tested in the state has increased significantly with a record number of 92 000 copies implemented tests on Sunday and more than 3 million tests carried out since mid-March. And while the increased testing translates into more cases, the state of the positivity rate — the number of people who have tested positive divided by the total number of tests administered has increased. The rate went from 4.5% last Monday, to 4.8% today. This is still below the 8% threshold Newsom, said last week indicated when the situation is considered more serious and worrisome.

Hospitalizations have also increased by 16% over the past two weeks and icu patients are up 11%. “Despite an increase in the number of hospitalizations and icu patients, our hospital capacity remains stable and is much better than where we were months ago,” Newsom said.

The california, Health and human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly notes, in some countries, see a more significant increase in the number of cases, the improvement is not only the result of increased testing. The state is working with 11 counties with respect to the increases, including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Stanislaus counties. Last week, the number of counties under surveillance was 13.

Newsom reiterated the need for residents to follow all of the state mask in order to stop the rise of cases.

He explained the breathing sends droplets of 4.5 feet, the cough of 6 feet and sneezing 26 feet.

Newsom, has issued a mask order last week requiring face coverings in common and all the interior spaces and the exterior, where the distance is not possible. (To learn more about the order on SFGATE.)

Newsom has ended his press conference on Monday, encouraging residents to listen to their local health directors and follow their county health orders.

“We are very much endowed resources of the state,” the governor said. “We are in a much better position than we have ever had to fight against this pandemic, mark my words, we are in a much better position in the spectrum that we have been in many, many months. But the numbers are growing, as we re-open the economy. And as we re-open all that I ask is that we are more vigilant than we have been, perhaps, even than we were a few weeks ago. We need to get out of this first wave and prepare for a second wave and move together, and get the vaccines and we will get back to a more resilient miindset and more solid and is abundant in California. ”


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Amy Graff is SFGATE’s news editor. Email: [email protected]


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