Newcastle United Takeover: What Happens Next And What The Key Figures Say About The Deal


Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is still awaiting contact from the Premier League, where it is on owner and race director. With the World Trade Organization investigation now published and the United Kingdom not mentioned in the document, United are behind in a high-flying decision if Amanda Staveley, the Public Investment Funds and Reuben brothers can get them keys to take over the club.

The process has taken more than twice as long as usual and with a new emerging bidder in Henry Mauriss, Claire’s CEO for TELEVISION in the United States, Ashley is anxious to know where he is.

If the Staveley-led proposal is rejected, Ashley is understood to be ready to talk about business with Mauriss with a £ 350million price discussed in the United States.

With Foreign Minister Dominique de Raab asked about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the case, and interviewed by Sky News this morning, the spotlight was weighed in the Premier League, again.

Raab said, “There is a good process that we have instead of looking for everything from competition to other matters of propriety.

“I think it’s only fair that the legal procedure, with all the guarantees it has in place, is followed.

“We are having this debate on the recovery in this country, and I think we should follow the rule of law.

“We have procedure and laws in place to do it.

“We trust the institutions we have to deliver. “

Organization of the takeover is still being debated by BeIN Sports with their Legal Counsel and Director of Corporate Affairs David Sugden saying last night, “I can’t comment on whether the deal will go ahead.

“All I would say is that from BeIN and other broadcasters point of view, you have to protect intellectual property and if you allow yourself to be the very entity that stole the Premier League and Newcastle United is owned for three years in the league, you’re leaving the fox in the chicken coop, so to speak. ”

The key to the case only lies with the Premier League and there were no high-profile comments, the leaders of last night, it is clear that the result of the long drawn out tests are the only thing that are standing in the path of a new owner, in St James’ Park.

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Chief Executive Officer Richard Masters has always maintained that timing is not a factor and reaching the “right decision” is the priority.

But with the season expected to be over and Ashley needing to know if he owns to budget for the 2020/21 season, it is certainly common sense in the Premier League to deliver a verdict sooner rather than later.

For weeks, many felt that the Reboot Project had taken place in the progress of the Kingdom takeover process, but with games in progress and no problems from the first of the two fixtures, the Premier League have a clear race to find a solution for Ashley and the Newcastle fan-base.


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