Newcastle Takeover Titles: Premier League Questions for Candidate Buyers


The takeover of Newcastle United continues to roar after new reports that the deal is delayed by the Premier League.Overnight, it was claimed that the takeover was under further investigation by the Premier League. The owners and administrators test is in its third month despite claims by potential buyers early in the process that it could be adopted within four weeks.

The league is investigating allegations of hacking, although buyers remain confident. All of this leaves United fans completely fed up with a saga that put the club in limbo.

Here are the main stories from Wednesday, June 10.

Questions for potential buyers

The Sun says the consortium has been “hit by a string of Premier League demands.”

Although the group is still convinced that its offer will ultimately be successful, the newspaper details a series of questions for the legal teams of potential buyers.

Top of the list was the issue of piracy and theft of BeIN Sports rights in the Middle East, but the title also claimed that they were asked about a possible conflict of interest with Saudi owners in Sheffield United, the conflict in Yemen and the role of the Saudi government in the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khassogi.

They report that “the forensic scale of the league investigation is a sign that there are still significant internal concerns.”

It would be a major change in approach to the Premier League, which previously insisted that the test is not moral.

The Sun also reports that the deal will not be finalized until after the release of the WTO hacking report, which could take place in the next two weeks.

All of this means more uncertainty for United fans and the club as they head into a third month without knowing who will own the club for the long term.

Future owners will not go away

Our report on Wednesday confirmed that the Saudi Public Investment Fund will not stray from the agreement despite the weather

Lee Ryder writes: “Despite the formalities taking twice as long as normal for a takeover, donors from the Middle East, who are trying to fight Ashley with Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers, PIF officials are ready to keep their cool. “

Amanda Staveley to appear at High Court hearing Thursday

The woman at the center of Newcastle United’s takeover, Amanda Staveley, will appear before the High Court on Thursday as part of her Supreme Court action against Barclays Bank.

Staveley will spend next week testifying in person. PCP is suing the bank and wants £ 1.6 billion in damages.

Staveley’s firm says she is owed money for the work she did in setting up a Middle East investment agreement for Barclays during the 2008 crisis.

But Barclays’ lawyers described PCP’s claim for damages as “opportunistic and speculative”.


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