New York in talks with federal government and airlines over quarantine


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York is discussing quarantine with airlines and considering asking customs officials to check or track passengers from states with high rates of infection by coronavirus.New York, New Jersey and Connecticut may seek to tighten up on the 14-day voluntary quarantine for travelers from abroad announced this week by governors of the tri-state region.

Cuomo is alarmed by soaring infection rates in several states across the country, including Texas and Florida, and is discussing with federal officials what they would be willing to do, including the possibility of customs registration. at the airport.

“We have no legal border controls. Everything is federal. The port authority, however, manages airports from a management perspective, “said Cuomo.

They are also in discussions with airlines on gathering information from travelers from high-risk states.

“We are currently discussing with airlines our ability as a state to interview people entering our airports, to collect information from them, to control them, to check the temperature, etc. What is our legal authority and how cooperative the airlines would be, “said Cuomo.

The governor says the virus is about public health, not politics.

“What is happening in this country is now frightening and revealing,” said the governor. “It is time for this country to understand the facts and respond to them. ”

As of Wednesday, the states affected by the quarantine were Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas. Affected states will change as infection rates fluctuate.

Those who violate quarantine could face mandatory quarantine and fines of $ 2,000 for the first violation, $ 5,000 for the second, and up to $ 10,000 if you “cause harm,” Cuomo said.

Meanwhile, the governor has said New York will send aid to states hard hit by the coronavirus.

As coronavirus cases reach a seven-day low in New York, they continue to climb in other parts of the country.

Cuomo said his office is making calls to see how New York can help.

“We are calling Arizona, Texas and Florida this morning to see if there is anything we can do to help them. We have had many states come to our aid when we needed it, ”said Cuomo.

Texas closed all bars on Friday as the state sees a record number of new cases daily.

This week, the United States beat its record for highest coronavirus cases.

The country reported 45,557 positive COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, according to a count by NBC News.

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