New study reveals new heart failure in New York during COVID-19 months peak – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City is slowly recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, but it could continue to affect our health, especially our hearts.As COVID-19 continues to spread at a frightening rate across the South and West, doctors are learning that the disease is causing damage throughout the body.

Severe inflammation and pneumonia, increased blood clotting, stroke, kidney and liver damage.

CBS2 Dr. Max Gomez has the latest information on a new study documenting the huge impact COVID-19 has had on heart attacks in New York in his Max Minute report.

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The study in JAMA Cardiology by researchers at the Montefiore health system found a surprising increase in cardiac arrests and deaths out of hospital.

During the peak of the pandemic in New York in March and April, the number of cardiac arrests tripled compared to the same period in 2019. The mortality rate also rose from 75% in 2019 to more than 90% during of the same months in 2020..


On average, patients in 2020 were older, more likely to be a minority, and more likely to have high blood pressure and diabetes. Very few victims have been tested for coronavirus, so doctors cannot say that the heart attacks were due to the virus or other underlying conditions.

But, Dr. David Prezants, study author and chief medical officer of health at the FDNY, says it is possible that some people died while delaying treatment for conditions unrelated to COVID-19 during the pandemic.

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The study authors said this underscores the critical need to provide better access to health care for vulnerable patients, especially during a pandemic. Telehealth and home monitoring of vital signs could help reduce deaths outside the hospital.

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