New Media Curators-in-Chief Rejects the Heads of U.S. News Agencies


A representative of the UNITED states Agency for the World Media, did not return a request by e-mail seeking comment on Wednesday night.

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, denounced Mr. Pack, in a news release Wednesday evening.

“The wholesale shooting of the network of the agency heads, and the dissolution of the boards of directors to install President Trump political allies is a flagrant violation of this organization’s history and mission from which he may never recover,” he said.

“This latest attack is unfortunately the last, but not the last — in the Trumpet of the administration’s efforts to transform the UNITED states institutions rooted in the principles of democracy to make tools for the president’s own agenda,” Mr. Menendez added.

Brett Bruen, a former career diplomat and director of the global commitment on President Barack Obama’s National Security Council, emphasized the “long history of bipartisanship” of the new organizations in the criticism of Mr. Pack to move with you. “They are not a Republican or Democratic voice to the world,” he said. “They have always put in before an American, a credible voice.”

“Pack seems to have thrown in that hard struggle for the reputation of the window,” he added. “You don’t get it back in years, or even decades. He’s gone.”


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