New locking rules in Wales that the housing market restarts, the stores to open, and the tourism of the queue


The housing market in Wales can restart from Monday and people will be allowed to exercise outside of the sports fields after the largest chanages so far for Wales ‘ lock-in rules have been announced.All non-essential shops re-open Monday as long as the retailers to respect the social distance with the laws in force any of the students planned to return to school on the 29 of June, has been officially confirmed.

The five-mile rule asking people to stay “local” will be lifted on July 6, “if conditions allow”.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford, unveiled the wide-ranging set of changes on Friday and also put the barbers and the tourism sector in the eve of potentially re-open in three weeks.

As well as to allow the re-opening of stores on Monday, the main changes are the following:

  • activation of the prayer in places of worship where the social distance is maintained, and the meetings did not take place;

  • the reboot of the housing market by allowing home visits to take place in the buildings are vacant and the house moves, where a sale has been agreed but not yet completed;

  • the lifting of restrictions on the outdoor sports courts, but the social distance should be maintained, and no contact or team sports will be allowed, and;

  • allow a non-professional elite athletes, including the Olympic games and Paralympic games hopes to resume training.

Wales ‘ tourism industry, which has been severely affected by the course of the pandemic, could recover a portion of the summer season with a possible re-opening in the next month if the spread of the virus continues to decline.

The Welsh Government said that, during its next revision, on 9 July, they consider that the self-contained holiday accommodation, such as independent properties, but also room of B&B and hotel rooms or trailers, may be permitted to re-open.

The next revision, they will also have the possibility of providing hair and beauty services to resume on an appointment-only basis, while discussions are underway with the hospitality industry “on the potential progressive reopening of pubs, cafes and restaurants, while maintaining a strict social distancing,” a government spokesman said.

What is the impact of lock has the place where you live? This interactive tool examines the changes in your area:

You can see a rolling list of the last stores that have announced that they will re-open in Wales when enabled, the June 22nd by going here. **ADD A LINK**

In his statement, the Prime Minister said that the stores could not resume trading, provided to be able to take all possible measures to comply with the legal requirements on the physical distance.

Mr Drakeford said: “The threat of coronavirus has not disappeared, but, thanks to the efforts we have all made in recent months, the number of people contracting coronavirus every day in Wales is falling – it is also the risk of encountering someone with the virus.

“Given the progress we have made, we are able to take some other prudent action to further unlock our society and our economy. This includes more retailers to be able to re-open their businesses, as long as they take measures to minimize the risk for their staff and for customers who visit their stores.

“Our focus continues to be on the health risks of the epidemic, but we can now begin to cautiously focus much more directly on the economy and the societal impact of the virus is having.

“We provided a tremendous amount of support to businesses and jobs than it was in hibernation during the pandemic – now, we start to take these prudent steps to restart our economy.”

The obligation to stay local and is generally not driven more than five miles from the house remains in place for at least a fortnight if the updated recommendations have been issued on humanitarian grounds to enable a person to leave their region, such as visiting someone in a nursing home or young offenders institution. You can read a full update on the advice here.

If the five-mile rule is lifted on July 6, people will be able to travel to visit the tourist attractions and the Welsh Labour lead, said the sector should use the coming weeks to prepare for the possibility of re-opening.

“I know that the whole of the tourism industry wishes to re-open and the recovery of some of this summer season. I am, therefore, signaling the owners of self-catering accommodation should use the next three weeks to prepare to re-open, working with the local communities.

“But I want people to know coronavirus has not disappeared. We have room to make this set of amendments to the rules that will be implemented progressively and prudently in Wales.

“Many aspects of daily life in the country of Wales will be moving into the amber zone in our system of traffic lights. But we all need to continue to take measures to protect ourselves against the virus – that means home work, to the extent possible, avoid unnecessary travel; only the encounter with a different household to the outside; the maintenance of social distance and washing your hands often. It can also mean the wearing of a face covering in certain situations.

“It is thanks to the efforts of all in Wales that we have slowed the spread of the coronavirus, but we can’t stop now. We must do all we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones to the virus and to keep Wales safe.”

You can read the full transcript of Mr. Drakeford address here so if you want to know exactly what the new rules mean for exercise in the open air, then go here.

Earlier Friday, the u.k. coronavirus alert status has been reduced from four to three.

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