New laws for the reopening of the pubs will allow the summer to drink in the streets, parking lots and outdoor areas to help the recovery of the isolation


New laws to be adopted in a few days will allow a summer drink in the streets, parking lots and other outdoor spaces to help the pubs to bounce back after months of locking.

It will allow thousands of other pubs, restaurants and cafes serving the customers out of here on July 4, rather than requiring lengthy planning applications.

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New laws being promulgated will enable thousands of pubs, restaurants and cafes further to serve the customers out of here the 4th of JulyCredit: Oliver Dixon – The Sun

The new draft law on business and the planning ease also the rules of building permits to facilitate and speed up the sales organization of safety, of summer parties and outdoor markets.

This will double the time than will the permissions planning for these temporary events and will allow “temporary structures” like tents and stalls of street trading to remain standing for 28 days.

Individuals and businesses will have more power to use their land for activities of retail sales temporary in order to inject the life that they so desperately need in local economies across England.

It will also contribute to the fight against the virus encouraging people to get out, where the risk of the spread of the virus is much weaker.

The ministers hope that this will result in increased meals and drinks in the open air.

Opportunities temporary laws on licensing will enable many other institutions of licences, such as pubs and restaurants to sell alcohol for consumption outside their premises.

Guests can buy their drinks in a pub and consume them elsewhere, thus facilitating social distancing.

Pubs and restaurants will be able to use the car parks and terraces as areas of food and beverage outlets – allowing guests to enjoy their drinks and their food outside.

Government sources have said that the decision would give an “immediate boost and indispensable, many businesses” while they prepare to reopen on July 4 after 103 days of closure during the lockout.

But the government has abandoned its project to repeal the rules for Sunday Trading, which limit the opening hours of the shops after the rebel conservatives and labour have threatened to torpedo the entire bill.


This means that the bill is expected to pass Parliament next week – in time for the lifting of the measures of locking the 4th of July.

A government source said: “It is to revive the whole industry of hospitality and retail at beyond the shops of brick and mortar during the summer period in charge.

“The government will introduce new laws giving people more freedom on how they use their land by doubling the length of time during which activities such as these temporary structures can be placed on land without permission.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged as the principal assistant to the Prime minister, Dominic Cummings, was committed to revise the public service, having concluded that the machine of Whitehall had been exposed by the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The website ConservativeHome reported that he had said in an internal meeting of the government that the Cabinet Office would be stripped of its powers after having been judged to be insufficient during the crisis.

Mr. Cummings reported to have said to his colleagues, employees of the government: “A heavy rain is coming.”

Meanwhile, Downing Street has indicated that additional support could be offered to theatres in England who have been doomed to remain closed for live performances.

The official spokesman for the First minister said: “We are in discussions with the arts sector and we are looking at ways to support in addition to the financial assistance without precedent that we have already granted “.

The new draft law on business and planning to ease the rules for building permits, to facilitate and expedite the organization of other events in the open air.2
The new draft law on business and planning to ease the rules for building permits, to facilitate and expedite the organization of other events in the open air.Credit: Oliver Dixon – The Sun

The police could go in the pubs to break up the crowds, and good drinkers, who do not distance themselves socially

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