New England Patriots sign Cam Newton and face N.F.L. Punishment


Quarterback Cam Newton, the 2015 N.F.L. most valued player who has been injured over the past few years, has signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots, according to many reports.

Sunday, the N.F.L. The Patriots were fined $ 1.1 million, and their third-round pick in 2021 would be the penalty for the team that videotaped the Cincinnati Bengals’ sidelines in the season against the Cleveland Browns. last, according to a spokesperson for the league, Michael Signora. The incident sparked new suspicions about the team, which was the subject of more serious rules scandals, such as the so-called Spygate and Deflategate incidents, during the tenure of coach Bill Belichick .

News of Newton’s arrival, however, will keep Patriots fans looking forward, not backward. Newton, who was first drafted in 2011 by the Carolina Panthers and had played his entire career in Carolina, became a free agent this season. After missing just six games in his first eight seasons, he only played two games last year. Newton injured his knee, shoulder and Lisfranc’s ligament in his left foot, requiring surgery – months before the coronavirus pandemic broke off the off-season N.F.L. player movement.

Newton was released by the Panthers in March during an organizational reshuffle that saw the departure of coach Ron Rivera and loyal linebacker Luke Kuechly.


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