New England Patriots fined $ 1.1 million for illegally filming the sidelines during a game, sources say


The penalty includes a fine of $ 1.1 million and the loss of the draft pick in the third round of 2021, the source said. Patriots television teams are also not allowed to shoot matches, and senior club officials will need to undergo training required for the operation of the league, the source said.

The team said in a December statement that it recognized the production team “unknowingly violating league policy by filming the pitch and the touchline from the press.”

A Cincinnati staff member caught a Patriots employee filming the Bengals sideline in the press room during the December game, reports said. The Patriots admitted to filming behind the scenes and said they were filming a series called “Do your job.”

In addition to the sentence, David Mondillo, producer supervising the Patriots’ internal production team, has been banned from all NFL installations until further notice. He had been suspended by the team during the investigation and then dismissed.

Mondillo released a statement in December 2019 saying he was filming a segment following a professional scout throughout his week to show the public what his job entails. In the statement, Mondillo said he went to the bathroom and turned on the sidelines to discover that his cameraman had been ordered to stop shooting by someone from the NFL.

“We stopped shooting immediately when we were asked to do so and fully cooperated. We had a detailed exchange on who we were and why we were there and what they wanted us to do. I gave the Sony SXS card to NFL security and we complied with their request, packed and returned home, “said Mondillo. “I had no intention of providing images of the football operations, I did not provide any and I have never been asked to do so. ”

CNN asked the Patriots to comment.


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