Netflix’s Top 10 Most Popular Shows Since the Top 10 List Was Introduced


Netflix has been testing an experiment on the service for a few months now, a public face top 10 list that shows the most popular shows and movies on a given day.

This has actually been some kind of useful information, as in addition to getting people to watch shows that they may have otherwise jumped, it was predictive of what shows are renewed, unless they are clearly announced final seasons.

Well, I found the next bit of data pretty interesting. Redditor u/Lamboo has developed a system that has ranked how all shows on Netflix have performed since the top 10 list was introduced. They came up with a points system that awarded values for first to tenth place, and then added how many days each show was in each place.

The result? You can see Netflix’s most popular shows in the last three months, rather than just a pure snapshot in a given day.

This is a few days old if Space Force has earned a few more points, but here’s the list of the top ten as it is right now. First, netflix originals only:

  1. Tiger King – 383 points
  2. Ozark – 377 points
  3. Love is blind – 302 points
  4. Dead To Me – 216 points
  5. Gabriel Hernandez’s Trails – 191 points
  6. Sweet Magnolias – 145 points
  7. I’ve never ever 125 points
  8. Too hot to handle – 124 points
  9. Money Heist – 120 points
  10. Altered carbon – 113 points

Obviously, this is biased towards new shows. Space Force and 13 Reasons why performed well, but they were only for 1-2 weeks, so they didn’t make the top ten.

What about the top 10 non-Netflix original shows? The ones they allowed for that matter?

  1. All Americans – 266 points
  2. Riverdale – 149 points
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 148 points
  4. The Office – 131 points
  5. Waco – 124 points
  6. The Flash – 74 points
  7. Legs – 50 points
  8. Working Moms – 46 Points
  9. Grey’s Anatomy – 44 points
  10. Community – 41 points

Combine these two lists and it’s about 50/50 if Netflix’s best shows are original or licensed, although its originals are the top half of the list, most of the time. I’m surprised to see the performance of All American, a show I’ve heard very little about in my circles. Avatar is impressive given that it is a 15-year series without new seasons. It also shows that Netflix will continue to invest in the reality series with Too Hot To Handle and Love is Blind being extremely cheap shows that are also very popular.

Again, this list was a predictor of which the Netflix series will be renewed. That said, there have been a few exceptions that even the most successful newer shows like Sweet Magnolias and Never Have I Ever have never gotten the 2 mic season yet, but I expect these announcements to happen again.

It’s an interesting list, and I hope they keep it up to date. How many have you watched?

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