NASCAR has a new fan in Alvin Kamara, who shows his support for Bubba Wallace


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Alvin Kamara knew little about NASCAR before Wednesday, but as soon as NASCAR announced its decision to ban the flag confederate, the saints running back has tweeted his approval.

“When is the next race? “Kamara tweeted.

An hour later, Kamara tweeted live the Blue-Emu Maximum pain Relief. Four days later, at the invitation of NASCAR, Kamara attended his first race.

Kamara, who makes his home in the off-season in south Florida, has looked at the series Xfinity in Homestead then that NASCAR opened the doors to 1 000 spectators.

“I looked at him before, as if I had turned on, and that I had travelled, but I’ve never really understood,” said Kamara Sunday, via David Wilson of the Miami Herald. “I never even really taken the time to understand what was happening.”

Kamara was wearing a T-shirt and a hat that were sent to him by Bubba Wallace, the only driver black full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series. Wallace has publicly campaigned for NASCAR to prohibit the flag confederate, and this is what he has done.

“I don’t think this is about the say. It is, in fact, to say, ” said Kamara about the current climate, which has motivated the decision of NASCAR. “It took so long to do it, and that is what it is. Personally, I’m not going to be angry with that because the climate dictated. The fact that they are sitting and they are divorced and that they make these not for the return of the script, that’s all you can ask. “


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