N korea’s Kim suspends plans for military action against south Korea | South Korea News


North Korea announced the suspension of “the military plans of action” against South Korea, after a meeting of the Central council of the party of the Military Commission chaired by leader Kim Jong Un, the official KCNA news agency said on Wednesday.

The video of the conference of the Tuesday meeting has also reviewed documents describing the measures to “further strengthen the war deterrent of the country,” KCNA reported.

The members of the committee “took the point of the situation” before deciding to suspend the plans, the report said, without elaborating.

The political tensions between the two Koreas have been on the rise over Pyongyang’s objections to plans of defector-led groups in South Korea to steal tracts of propaganda across the border. North Korea is also suffering under the economic sanctions that it wants to be eased in the framework of the denuclearization talks that have been stalled for months.

North Korea claims the defectors, the campaigns of the breach of an agreement between the two to prevent the military confrontation, and accused of outraging the dignity of North Korea and the supreme leadership.

In recent weeks, North Korea has blown up a liaison committee of the board on its side of the border, has declared an end to dialogue with South Korea, and the threat of military action.

The sister of Kim, Kim Yo Jong, has warned last week retaliatory measures against South Korea, which could appeal to the army, even if it has not developed.

The General staff of the Korean people’s Army said later that he had been studying a “plan of action” which included the sending of troops to the joint tourism and economic areas, the care of new border guard posts that had been abandoned in an inter-Korean pact, to take measures to “turn the front line in the” fortress “, and the support plans to North Korea to send its own propaganda leaflets in South Korea.

The north Korean military has been seen of put in place your speakers close to the Demilitarized Zone, korea, a military source told Reuters on Tuesday. Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday that the speakers have been removed.

Yoh-Blood-key, a spokesman for South Korea’s Unification Ministry, said Seoul was “closely review” of North Korea, but not to expand any further. He also said that it was the first report on the state of the media Kim held a video conference meeting.

Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride, reporting from Seoul, South Korea, said the North’s actions follow a now-familiar model of the ” increased tensions with a lot of vitriolic rhetoric and threats that everything be dialed down.”

“It seems that North Korea has reached its intermediate objective, in terms of attracting international attention and recall in the united States, where the Korean Peninsula. It certainly has pissed off South Korea – which can lead to more humanitarian aid, including South Korea may give in spite of the international sanctions, ” he said.

“It was also important for the people concerned. We had Kim Yo Jong to come to the front and to the increase of its stature on the Korean Peninsula and the world stage. It has enabled Kim Jong Un, in his first statement in all of this, appear as the voice of reason and of the numbering of things really make a sort of good cop, bad cop routine, with Kim Jong Un emerging as a good cop on the day before an important anniversary. ”

Thursday marks 70 years since the start of the Korean War. The fighting ended in 1953 with an armistice. A formal peace treaty was never signed.


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