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Guardian Travel pick: gently lower the Loire

Go canoeing, we said, when the teens were 14 and 17 years of age. And going to wild camp, it’s going to be fun. Everyone was in agreement. So we packed (very few), rented kayaks double (90 € / kayaking) on Cosne-sur-Loire, taken from two of our own paddleboards, and with a week of material on each boat, we paddled. I say “we” pagayons – the children, in their kayaks, drift downstream. But what a great trip to Orléans – the city liberated by Joan of Arc, after years of English occupation it was. We slipped on the warm and shallow waters of the Loire, with only small pleasure craft, to pretty towns like Gien and the castle occasional to break the view. The journey of 60 miles was an incredible adventure and no-frills, and the four teens always say that these were the best holidays of all time.
Angela Luke

Traffic free in the apple orchards of Normandy

Photograph: Alamy

If you like the bike smoothly along the bike paths without traffic and country roads, take your bike on the ferry Newhaven-Dieppe and head to the south-east through the countryside of normandy. After a few kilometres, you will reach a railway decommissioned, as part of the avenue Verte between London and Paris. As you are driving, locate the farm buildings half-timbered in the middle of the pasture dairy and green of apple orchards. Stay at Neufchatel-en-Bray (who provides several breakfast) for walks of a day in the local villages, and make sure you stop at a farm to buy cheese Neufchatel soft and creamy. Or continue to Forges-les-Eaux, and then continue by small quiet roads in the heart of the French capital.
Alison Field

A book of history of paris comes to life

Sailboats at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Sailboats at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Photography: Laura Storey

I will never forget watching my children grow sailboats wooden toys vintage on the lake in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris on a hot summer day. They had seen children do this in a coloring book, and now they themselves were in the scene. We are still talking about it.
Laura Storey

A rugby match in Aix-en-Province in a league apart

Fans of France during a championship match less than 20 years at the Stadium Maurice-David, Aix-en-Province.

Fans of France during a championship match less than 20 years at the Stadium Maurice-David, Aix-en-Province. Photography: László Gecző / INPHO / REX / Shutterstock

Rugby in the Country of Aix. A beautiful evening in the early fall at the Stadium Maurice-David, a backdrop of cypress trees, and delicious baguettes, sausages from the charcoal grill and pastis house random of a guy wearing a beret! This does not happen at Villa Park. Aix has become absolutely, uh … chopped, but almost everyone stayed until the end and was not that encouragement for his team. 75 minutes, we were the first to go under a wind bitter. We found ourselves in an area eerily dark, eating by far the best kebab Bollywood Chicken while watching the Olympic of Marseille on a small television, and talking with the owner of the palestinian and his crew of regulars. Rugby second division, people of the first division. Vive la France!
Antony T

Midnight swim and kiss in the Médoc

Basin of Arcachon, Gironde.

Basin of Arcachon, Gironde. Photo: Jacques Sierpinski / Getty Images

The smell of the heat of the Médoc. I am 15 years old and I am the eldest of six children and we are in full family camping for three weeks near Arcachon. On a fruit stall at the side of the road full of peaches and nectarines, we drink our first squeezed the lemon and we contemplate the Gironde. We dive directly from the beach into the blue ocean in Cap Ferret. A nearby French campsite invites us for oysters and crabs in spaghetti. We play volleyball with the children of the owner of the camp. There is a path from the site to a small beach on the pond where we swim at midnight and watch the stars. I drink pastis and kisses Odile, an Lille that I won’t see again ever, but remember you as if it was today.
Simon Tobin

Welcome to the red carpet to the city of light

A café in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

A café in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Photography: Viennaslide / Alamy

It was twilight. A red carpet stretched into the street, dotted with tables covered in white cloth and Parisian lifting their champagne flutes. Madame Yves Saint Laurent bowed his head, just as Mr. in velour pants. Flowers were spread in front of small shops and galleries, exquisite and elegant doors of the street of Verneuil, a street away from the hands of Haussmann, tucked behind the Musée d’orsay. And freshly came from New Zealand, clutching the address of my apartment and pulling my case on wheels, I came into this scene to celebrate the week of the arts and antiquities in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a may.
Janet Hart

Memories of the ice from Britain

Brittany, Douarnenez

Photography: Eve

It was a shot that I took during a trip interrail French with my mother last year. We explored the whole of Britain and we have had our fair share of mussels and ice-cream. In the tiny seaside village of Douarnenez, I saw a group of kids stunned in a life jacket, heading towards the edge of the water. It was a sunny day perfect and their enthusiasm was what it would be like to be a child during their summer vacation. The only tip that was given to us was to make sure that you are safe when you eat an ice cream: the sea-gulls, the French are full of self-confidence!

A secret staircase to Chinon


Photography: incamerastock / Alamy

Chinon – a town in the Centre Val de Loire, which was once a royal residence and a seat of power in France, and the site of the death of the Plantagenet king Henry II in 1189 – a small path leads from the main castle to the chapel of Sainte-Radegonde . There you will find a fresco still unresolved of the end of the Twelfth century, probably of Eleanor of Aquitaine with her son Richard the Lion Heart. But if you go deeper inside the rock, down the steep steps, you will find a site sacred to the Celts still in place: the aquamarine of a sacred bathing.
Christine Zeile Junction

Carnival vélo vintage in Saumur

The prologue of the Anjou Vélo Vintage, Saumur.

The prologue of the Anjou Vélo Vintage, Saumur. Photography: Jonathon Short / Alamy

Each year in June and July, the Anjou Vélo Vintage is at Saumur on the Loire. I visit, first as a viewer and as a participant since 2014. Even without the event, Saumur is a lovely town with a castle that is cracking. But when it is filled with period costumes, music and bicycles, it turns into a carnival of colors. The festivities begin Friday evening with live music and dances from the 50’s, in the “village” vintage overlooking the bridge over the Loire. Saturday and Sunday, several walks leave from the city centre and cross over the fields and the country lanes nearby. It is suitable for everyone, from children to cyclists seriously.
Jane Black

Concerts aperitif in Gaillac

The wine of Gaillac is virtually unknown outside of France, but its nature unpretentious and unobtrusive can be better appreciated in drink concert in Gaillac and the surrounding area. These outdoor events are held on warm summer evenings in the many local vineyards. The music varies from classical ( at the rock ‘ n ‘ roll ( You could have a table and chairs, or you could sit on bales of hay. The children can run around freely. The wine has traveled to the vineyard to the cellar, and is served by the owners themselves, while the vans offer a selection of Toulouse sausages, to pancakes and assorted cheeses. Happy Moments.
Sarah Heath

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