Mukupirna: What is the new creature? It’s a wombat bear, study finds


A group of paleontologists recently revealed a new creature that looks like a wombat – only four times the size and almost like a bear.

What happened:

  • A new study – published Thursday in Scientific Reports – found the creature to be “so unusual that it has its own family classification,” according to CNET.
  • Researchers said they discovered part of an animal skull, which was originally discovered in 1973 in Australia. She is now related to the ancestor wombat.
  • This cousin of the modern wombat is so unique that it has earned its own marsupial classification, researchers said.

What the creature looked like:

  • The creature – called Mukupirna, which means “big bone” in Australian languages Language Dieri and Malyangapa – was probably the size of a bear.
  • The creature’s teeth suggest that the animal ate plants for the most part. The animal also had strong limbs for digging, according to CNET.
  • Robin Beck, co-author of the study, said, “Mukupirna was clearly an impressive and powerful beast, at least three times the size of modern wombats. “

  • “Koalas and wombats are incredible animals, but animals like Mukupirna show that their missing parents were even more extraordinary and many of them were giants. “

The big picture (literally)


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