Mountain Lion lost captured in the district, the most urban of San Francisco


A young mountain lion was captured Thursday morning in Mission Bay, in San Francisco, one of the city’s most urban of the city, has reported on the radio KCBS.

Officers of S. F. Animal Care and Control and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife have stuck the animal disoriented in the streets of Fourth and Channel near Oracle Park, and have used a large net to grab it.

“They are going to take off for the place in nature,” said the KCBS Virginia Donohue, executive director of the SFACC.

Donohue said that the goal was to capture the animal without a tranquilliser, because the young cats can die in the process of sedation.

The cat caught is the same animal as the one who has wandered in the city in recent days.

Observations have been reported along the Embarcadero and at the intersection of Fremont and Market. Video sequences of the mountain lion were taken Tuesday at 12: 30 at Lombard and Leavenworth in Russian Hill.

In the video, the animal can be seen trying to make a break on the sidewalk next to two garbage cans before taking off into the night. lion-de-montagne-errant-a-San-Francisco-15344437.php

“It is very unusual for a mountain lion to be found in these regions, because it is quite young and very inexperienced,” said Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for SF Animal Care & Control. “Usually, when families have worn, they disperse to find their own territory. This one is probably went a little early and ended up here and don’t know how to get out. ”

On Wednesday evening, there was a second observation in the neighbourhood of the East Cut-Rincon Hill near the centre of the city.

Care and control of animals has published a message on Twitter warn residents to exercise caution when they are outside after dusk and before dawn. “It is likely that the mountain lion is confused and lost, and will soon find its way to the south and outside of San Francisco,” says the message. “If you see a mountain lion – do not approach. Give him a wide berth, slowly back away facing the lion, do not run! ”

SFGATE has contacted Animal Care and Control to obtain comments on the capture of the animal and the agency was not immediately available for comment. This story will be updated as more details become available.

The editor digital SFGATE, Amanda Bartlett, contributed to this story.

Amy Graff is the editor-in-chief of SFGATE. Send him an e-mail to [email protected]


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