Most flights to Croatia announced from Germany, Benelux and France


June 4, 2020 – The Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) has announced that Croatia has positioned itself as a safe and desirable tourist destination due to its excellent epidemiological situation, which is confirmed by numerous airline announcements.

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, which still has a strong impact on international tourism trends, Croatia has also positioned itself as a safe and desirable tourist destination due to its excellent epidemiological situation on the international market. This is confirmed by numerous airline announcements that will link Croatian destinations to key markets during the main summer months. According to information collected by the Croatian National Tourist Board through its representative offices, most of the flights were announced for the second half of June and early July for the airports of Split and Dubrovnik, as well as for Zadar , Pula, Zagreb and Rijeka. Most of the flights to Croatian destinations have been announced in the German, Benelux and French markets.

“Most of the tourist traffic in Croatia is carried by road traffic, that is to say by car arrivals, which, with a share of about 75 percent, is the most common way to get to our country. However, in recent years, Croatia has positioned itself as an air destination, and this is particularly important in the current circumstances in which our offer, security, but also accessibility of transport, we have to fight for our part on the tourist market. The revival of air traffic will again help Croatian destinations, in particular Dubrovnik and Split, to be more accessible to many travel enthusiasts, “said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić.

Among the routes announced for Split are Austrian Airlines from Austria, Luxairtours, Transavia and easyJet from Benelux, Transavia and easyJet from France, Condor and Eurowings from Germany, easyJet and Wizz Air from Great Britain. Confirmed is also a Croatia Airlines flight that will connect Split to Rome from mid-June. Austrian Airlines flights from Austria, Luxairtours, TUI, easyJet and Brussels Airlines from Benelux, Transavia and easyJet from France have been announced for Dubrovnik, as well as flights from Germany, Hungary, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

According to the announcements, Ryanair, Luxairtours and easyJet will connect Zadar to the Benelux market, while Ryanair will also connect this Croatian destination with German destinations, including Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe and Cologne. According to the announcements, Pula will be connected with Ryanair, Luxairtours and easyJet to the Benelux market, and flights from Paris, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and London have also been announced. Flights from the German, UK and Benelux markets have been announced for Rijeka and Zagreb airports.

We would like to remind you that Croatia Airlines, in addition to the existing international connections from Zagreb to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Zurich, will also offer flights connecting the Croatian capital to Brussels, Munich, Sarajevo, London and Rome from June 15, from Zagreb to Dublin on June 16 and to Vienna from June 18.

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