Morning report: Sean O’Malley thinks he will knock Cody Garbrandt down, but “there is no way to fight this fight”


Saturday night at UFC 250, Sean O’Malley had the best performance of his career to date, knocking out former WEC champion Eddie Wineland in the first round. It was a reel knockout that seemed to be the subject of the event, until it was overshadowed a few fights later when former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt finished Raphael Assuncao with one of the best knockouts of the year. Garbrandt’s knockout was so good, even O’Malley had to tip his hat, and now “Suga” seems interested in a fight with Garbrandt, if “No Love” will take it.

“Yes, absolutely. 100 per cent. I feel like knocking out Cody, “O’Malley told ESPN yesterday. “I mean, he looked more improved on Saturday, that’s for sure. He seemed to be more calculated, more calm. He looked much improved from his previous knockout three times. So it got better. I think he is of high level. He’s a very, very dangerous opponent. Anyone who launches bombs like that is dangerous. I feel that I am calculated enough, precise enough and clever enough to be able to knock him out. So it’s a win-win fight for me. ”

Garbrandt’s victory on Saturday was his first since 2016, when he won the bantamweight championship against Dominick Cruz. Since then, he had been eliminated three fights in a row and his once bright future seemed to be in trouble. The victory over Assuncao was a return to form for the former champion and brought him back to the heart of the matter. So given that, O’Malley thinks that unfortunately Garbrandt wouldn’t agree to fight with him.

“There is no way he can take this fight. He has no way of leading this fight, he is a lose-lose for him, “said O’Malley. “One, he’s probably going to get knocked out and two, he’s fighting someone who has a lot of hype, but if he beats me, people will say, ‘oh you (should have),’ so that’s a lose-lose for him, I feel like. I’m sure they would avoid this fight. ”

Where Malley could be right. At the post-fight press conference, Garbrandt had mixed comments for O’Malley, saying there was no comparison between their two careers but also saying that he liked the style of O ‘ He and Malley suggested he get a few more wins and he “would see you” at the top, buddy. ”

Then there is the question of whether the UFC would like to organize the fight anyway. So far, the UFC has brought O’Malley slowly. The reserve against Cody Garbrandt would be a giant step in the competition for their emerging talent with probably the most star potential of the list. This week, O’Malley is expected to enter the UFC rankings for the first time and therefore a fight with a high-end opponent in the top 15 would make more sense for the promotion. And if that’s the case, O’Malley says he agrees with that, just know that he’s ready to jump if the UFC wants it.

“I got up there with the top three guys in the world,” said O’Malley. “I have to keep building my highlight coil. I want to be able to look back on my career and have a 20-minute non-stop highlight. It’s just my style. . . So yes, I have no problem taking lower ranked opponents and going over there and not rushing, but I’m also depressed if they say, “Hey, let’s fight this guy. ” I’m ready. “

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