Morning report: Joe Rogan looks at the compensation situation for UFC fighters


In recent weeks, the biggest story of MMA has been the sudden emergence of well-known UFC fighters publicly expressing their dissatisfaction with their current wages. Henry Cejudo withdrew from the sport, in part because of the money he earned; Jorge Masvidal asked for his release from the business because they would not pay him what he believed to be worth; and Jon Jones had an ongoing public battle with the UFC over his refusal to pay him to move to the heavyweights and the poor pay he received earlier in his career. All this to say that the compensation of fighters has been at the heart of concerns lately and now, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has weighed in.

Talking about the subject in his podcast on Tuesday, Rogan explained why the compensation of combatants has become a hot topic recently.

“At this moment in particular, there is probably less money because there is no live portal, and it is an extreme amount of money,” said Rogan. “But there are also fighters who accept certain agreements. They agree to love, an 8 fight deal at an amount of X per fight, then they become more popular and then they want to renegotiate their agreement, and the UFC is like, “Look, we are just trying to stay open. We are not going to renegotiate anything. You can take it or leave it, but that’s what it is. “I think that’s a question of that.

“Looking at it from the perspective of the fighters, the fighters would certainly be better off if there was more competition. This is still how it works. So, whether it’s Bellator or ONE FC or all these different companies, the more there are, the more World Series of Fighting, Professional Fighting League, whatever the name of the f * ck now, the more they increase, the better for all people. “

The lack of competition in the MMA promotional space has been a sticky window for several years. The UFC is still involved in an antitrust lawsuit on this issue, which documents have revealed that fighters bring back about 20% of the revenues generated by the UFC, which contrasts sharply with the distribution of revenues in other major American sports. , usually around 50 percent. Jorge Masvidal specifically cited this disparity in his statements on the remuneration of combatants. But for Rogan, the biggest problem right now is the current global climate and the financial losses the UFC has suffered as a result of COVID-19.

“It is not a monopoly as far as you have the choice, but there is a clear and upscale choice. But that’s because they do it best, “said Rogan. “They are also the only ones to fight during this quarantine. The only people hosting live sporting events, but they’re also part of a WME business that is suffering, really, really bad. So there isn’t a lot of money to spend. To keep the doors open, to keep the employees, a lot of money is missing. All these shows have been canceled, there are all those audience members who will not be there, who are not buying tickets, so it’s tricky. That’s why I think they’re complaining about the compensation of the fighters. ”

There is probably some truth in Rogan’s assumptions. The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses around the world, particularly the UFC’s parent company, WME, which laid off, put on leave, or cut wages by 20% of its employees last month. That said, live service revenues represented less than 12% of UFC revenues last year, and while this is not negligible, Moody’s suggests that UFC may be able to offset these losses by negotiating higher duty fees. Either way, these factors mean little to fighters who look after their own interests and believe, and Rogan agrees, that they should be paid more.

“I think they should be paid better. I think everyone should be paid more, “said Rogan. “I think it’s a crazy way to make a living. I think you should get as much money as possible. But it’s also a business and I think if they fight as much as I think – I don’t talk about finance with them but I know that WME, the people who own it, are suffering badly. They fire people. Most businesses suffer and all entertainment businesses are screwed up. . . So what are they doing? That’s what I think. But as far as I am concerned, as a human who likes to fight, I know that it is dangerous that it is. You should be paid an incredibly generous amount of money to get into a cage fight for millions of people. ”

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