More details published on the last confirmed cases of COVID-19


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No new cases were announced on Monday, bringing the number of COVID-19 in Manitoba to 295.

Officials say that with the small numbers in Manitoba, the greatest danger remains importing the virus into the province.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin explains that two more cases last week can be traced to a pair of truck drivers with routes across the United States. He notes that due to their vigilant self-isolation, it is unlikely that there is a significant community transmission.

Roussin notes that extended asymptomatic testing will provide another tool for people who commute to work and maintain supply lines like truck drivers who leave the province regularly.

“It has to be voluntary, but certainly an option to continue to reduce our risk,” he said, adding that they work closely with the Manitoba Trucking Association.

Roussin also provided additional information on the new case of COVID-19 reported over the weekend. He notes that the case involved a temporary foreign worker and says that all appropriate measures have been taken to limit contact. Officials continue to monitor active files.

Currently, no one is hospitalized, although authorities are monitoring 10 active cases while 278 people have recovered. The number of deaths remains at seven.

Yesterday, 806 additional laboratory tests were carried out. This brings the total number of tests performed since early February to 44,692.


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