More Baton Rouge businesses closing due to influx of COVID cases in the area


BATON ROUGE – Several bars in Tigerland closed after more than 100 COVID-19 cases were reported between staff and users last week, according to the Ministry of Health. Since this announcement on Friday, more and more companies are doing the same.At least three of the bars near the campus USL have employees who tested positive for the coronavirus, owners of the establishments confirmed on Friday. The Tigerland bar area includes JL Place, Reggie, and Fred.

Uncle Earl also decided to temporarily close and take extra precautions after hearing the news.

The bar says they will have the test staff and the building professionally cleaned during this time.

Uncle Earl Barre posted on social media Friday evening to announce the closure.

“During the past 24 hours, we have been informed that staff and users of local institutions have tested positive for COVID-19. In pursuit of our efforts to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers, we hired a Health Care at the COVID-19 testing cabinet for all of our staff this morning. ”

The company has hired a maintenance company to professionally disinfect the facility, the statement said.

Uncle Earl will be closed this weekend, awaiting test results.

The Carillons near the LSU north gate will also temporarily close, the company announced on Friday.

“The Carillons north of the USJ gates is temporarily closed as a precautionary measure related to the recent influx of COVID-19 cases into the USL area, the restaurant posted on social media.

They are planning to reopen as soon as possible.

“We need everyone to be vigilant about their environment,” Dr. Alex Billioux said.

Bars are allowed to reopen in Louisiana under the current phase of the company’s operations. Next week, the state will update if Louisiana can move into phase 3.


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