Molly Mae Hague cries after discovering that the trip to Russia was not what killed her dog


Molly-Mae Hague cried in a You Tube video, insisting that her puppy, Mr. Chai, did not die from her trip from Russia.

The Love Island star insisted that the dog she had for only six days in total was sick before arriving in Manchester and “would die anyway”.

But she urged people to think twice before buying dogs in Russia and added that she was told that the Pomeranian was in good health.

Sitting next to her boyfriend Tommy Fury, who bought him the animal, Molly said, “Yes, if we had our chance again, we wouldn’t have imported from Russia. “

Molly and Tommy, both 21, then shared with fans the bleak conclusions of the autopsy result.

Molly Mae cried over her tragic loss

She revealed that her dog would never have lived a long and healthy life

Earlier today, the couple vowed to call in veterinary experts after being devastated by Mr. Chai’s short life.

After hearing, Molly revealed, “The results of the autopsy showed that his skull was not fully developed and that part of his brain was exposed.

“He didn’t have a single white blood cell left in the body,” added Molly, explaining that the dog was unable to fight an infection and also suffered from organs that were too large for his small body.

She continued, “Although we understand everyone’s opinions that it was shipped from Russia, you have to understand that it is not what killed this baby dog. It’s not what killed him.

“He was going to die anyway. If we still had time, we would have had a UK dog or a UK rescue dog. “

Tommy brought the puppy to Molly’s 21st birthday

Molly said she and Tommy thought they should talk after hearing the results so they can share their experience as a warning to other potential dog owners.

“Tommy and I have been talking about getting a dog for a long time,” she said. “We both grew up with animals and are big animal lovers.

“So for my 21st birthday, we talked about Tommy who would bring me a dog. We thought it was a good time to start our own little family. “

She said the couple contacted a breeder who has donated animals to other celebrities in the past and assumed everything was fine.

“When we first had Chai, I can’t explain how happy we were. He was everything, ”said Molly.

The star said after two days they started to understand some things that didn’t seem right with the addition to their family.

Molly in happier times with Mr. Chai

Molly said after two days of having Mr. Chai, she and Tommy could say something was wrong

“His poop was runny, he didn’t eat much, he vomited,” said Tommy.

The couple said they took the dog to the veterinarian who decided to keep Mr. Chai overnight for observation.

The next day, the couple received a phone call to tell them that Mr. Chai had had a seizure and died.

“We were completely shocked. Tommy vomited everywhere, ”said Molly, explaining their horrified reaction.

Molly also clarified the hurtful rumors and insisted that she and Tommy would never take the dog outside before he had his injections.

Molly Mae and Tommy said they would not try to buy another dog from Russia after their painful experience

Earlier today, the Love Island star told fans that she and Tommy Fury were heartbroken at the death of their new puppy.

In a long statement, the star wrote, “Tommy and I are completely moved and shocked even to write this. Our beautiful new puppy, Mr. Chai, has fallen ill in recent days and died tragically …

“Chai has become a whole world in the short time that we have had it and we could not have taken better care of it. We loved him so much and he brought us more happiness than we can describe …

“We really hope we can get clearer answers in the next few days pending details and more information from veterinary experts. Myself and Tommy are completely shocked and really devastated. “

Tommy had brought Molly Mae the puppy as a 21st birthday gift.


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