MLB finalizes performance in 2020, the parties agreed to health protocols


Baseball is back.Major League Baseball and the players association reached an agreement Tuesday on health and safety protocols for the 60 game 2020 season.

“Major League Baseball is delighted to announce that, by 2020, the season is on the horizon,” commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. “We have provided the players association with a calendar to play 60 games and we are excited to provide our great fans of baseball again soon. ”

Camps open on July 1st, with the “vast majority” of the teams, staging camps in their home stadiums, according to the league.

Due to restrictions at the Canada-united States border, Toronto Blue Jays, players are required to report to the team’s minor league complex in Dunedin, Florida, according to Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun. The Washington nationals’ use of Nationals Park for their camp depends on the District of Columbia lifting COVID-19 restrictions, according to MASN Mark Zuckerman.

The opening Day will take place on July 23 or 24.

The schedule of the MLB the shortest since 1878, will be based on the regional alignment. Each team will face its divisional opponents 40 times, plus another 20 interleague games against its geographic divisional counterparts (for example, AL-East teams will play 20 contests against the NL East). Each team is only going to make a road trip to the cities on the calendar, according to Ronald Blum of The Associated Press.

Other unique features of the shortened season would include a August. 31 trade deadline, the 30-man lists for the first two weeks, and option taxi squads of the road for the games.

Teams must designate one of 60 players eligible to be part of a “pool of players” for the 2020 season, according to Chris Cotillo of MassLive. The basins include all of the 40-man list of players from more than 20 additional selections. No club can exceed 60 players at any time, and inactive players not on a taxi squad would be staying in another place of education.

The normal of 10 days, the injury list will remain, but the long-term of 60 days, IT will now change to 45 days. Additional IT for the players to deal with COVID-19 will also be implemented, a special list that don’t come with a minimum or maximum length, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports.

Players must also fill out a COVID-19 education program before arriving at spring training, according to Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle. The program includes watching an educational video and take lessons.

Television broadcasters are not expected to travel with their teams, Cotillo reports. However, the local broadcasters will be allowed to call games on the road.

Earlier on Tuesday, the players have agreed to declare the camps. Health and safety protocols have been the last remaining barrier at the end of the prolonged standoff between MLB and the MLBPA, and finalize a 2020 season.

MLB announced Monday that all 30 owners voted to implement by 2020 calendar after the union rejected their final proposal.

2020 of the season had been scheduled to begin on March 26 in front of the coronavirus pandemic forced the MLB to delay the start of the campaign.


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