MJ sues to arrest former Trump national security adviser John Bolton tell-all book


Trump’s administration filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against former national security adviser John Bolton, hoping to delay the release of his say-it-all book, which is expected to be released next week.

“The United States is not seeking to censor any legitimate aspect” of the manuscript book, the Justice Department said. He claims instead that Bolton is not done with the review process apply to any author who had a government security clearance.

The trial asked a federal judge to order Bolton to urge his publisher to delay publication until the process is finished. And he also asked the judge to demand Bolton to put all the profit he makes from the book into a trust account for the government.

Legal experts predicted that the trial would be unable to stop the publication.

“The law in this area is clear. Except in very rare circumstances, the courts cannot stop an editor from publishing documents in advance, “said Mark of Rasch, a former federal prosecutor.

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“It would be a prior constraint. While the government may be able to prosecute Bolton after the fact, if he really comes out of classified material, every time the government has tried to stop someone from publishing what they believe to be classified, they have lost, Says Rasch, now with Kohrman, Jackson, and Krantz, Cleveland law firm.

Bolton Book is well in the publishing process, with copies already delivered to distributors. He also sat during an interview with ABC News scheduled to air this weekend.

The lawsuit brought by the Division’s Ministry of Civil Justice, said Bolton started the application process, but lost patience as the process dragged on month after month. But it contains many references to classified information, including at the highest secret level, he says.

The publisher says the book will deliver a glimpse of the interior of the White House during Bolton’s 519 days as a national security adviser. “I’m struggling to identify a significant Trump decision during my tenure that was not driven by re-election calculations,” the book said, according to documents provided by Simon & Schuster.

Ben Wizner of the American Civil Liberties Union said the lawsuit was doomed to failure. “As usual, government threats have nothing to do with safeguarding national security, and everything to do with avoiding scandal and shame.”

Trump fired in September 2019, but Bolton and his unpublished book were in the midst of a political maelstrom earlier this year, when the Democrats demanded his testimony in Trump’s impeachment trial.

The request came after an explosive report during the trial alleges that in Bolton’s unpublished book Trump personally bound aid, for Ukraine, for an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Bolton is in conflict with the president, who described his meeting with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy as a “perfect call” and later denied Bolton’s request.

However, former White House official Fiona Hill told the House of Investigators ’dismissal last October that Bolton was so disrupted by efforts to get Ukrainians to investigate Trump, a political opponent he called a “drug deal. He also mentioned the personal chairman of lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was also involved in Ukraine’s campaign pressure, as a “hand grenade.” “

Republicans in the Senate rejected Bolton’s offer to testify in the Trump impeachment lawsuit and largely dismissed Democrats’ calls to call more key witnesses. Shortly after the trial ended, Bolton said that even if he had testified, he would not have changed the outcome of the trial because of the way House Democrats handled their investigation.


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