Mike Florio “blown away” by comment from 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan


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The San Francisco 49ers have a not-so-simple goal for the 2020 season: to return to the Super Bowl and become champions. I call it “not so simple,” because it will be a very difficult task, and head coach Kyle Shanahan knows it. But it’s the Super Bowl or the bust for the 49ers, as it was at heyday of the team.

Shanahan made a rather innocent comment this week in conversation with Greg Papa after being asked to describe the state of the franchise.

” I know we were good enough to win this Super Bowl, and we didn’t do it, “said Shanahan. And that’s something we have to live with. And that’s why the state of the franchise, right now, is that we have to go back to that moment (in the Super Bowl). We have to go back immediately to this fourth quarter, have an advance and we have to finish the job. ”

The confident comment upset Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. He made a little rant during Pro Football Talk Overtime, explain why Shanahan’s words were irresponsible and put too much pressure on the team by focusing on the end result rather than the work required to achieve it.

“The worst thing you can do in a season is set unrealistic expectations,” said Florio. “And the worst message you can send to your locker room is that we want to move quickly to the point where it went off track for us last year. When you start to think about it and come back to it, I guarantee you, you will never come back to this moment. ”

Florio added: “When I saw these quotes, I was blown away because I expected it from Freddie Kitchens. I expected that from a lesser coach. “
Shanahan, however, commented on the work it takes to get back to this moment. And he did it in the same conversation with Dad. “I know we have to go through a season, and it’s going to be much more difficult to do,” said Shanahan. “Much harder. And we can play a lot better and not do what we did last time. That’s why all of our guys have to take on this challenge, and we have to take advantage of this offseason. We still have to find a way to get a head start on the others because everyone is chasing us right now, and it hasn’t been so. ”

Florio co-host Chris Simms, who is a close friend of Shanahan, offered a different perspective while also declaring himself a little surprised by the statement.

“The more I think about it, the more I go, well, he’s my boyfriend. That’s who he is, “said Simms. “He is confident, and he sets goals like that. Even with him saying big statements like that, first of all, he is a different coach than most. It is. He’s a little more honest. It’s wired differently. He is extremely honest with his players, his team, and everything in between. ”

Simms added, “I think he can make these kinds of comments because he knows he will challenge himself and his team on a daily basis to get better and better this way, and he hopes that it will lead to this ultimate goal. ”

You can listen to the full conversation below.

        Avec les nouvelles de la prolongation de six ans de Kyle Shanahan jusqu'en 2025, jetons un coup d'œil au programme de course de l'entraîneur-chef des 49ers de San Francisco, car il sera en place pendant un certain temps. Après avoir parcouru son vaste répertoire de pièces de théâtre, il est facile de conclure qu'il y a tant de subtilités qui contribuent au succès d'une pièce. Que ce soit des bloqueurs qui comprennent leurs devoirs, habillent des fenêtres ou exécutent différentes pièces avec les mêmes looks, ils étaient une recette pour réussir en 2019.

The 49ers finished second in total rushing yards (2,305) and rushing yards per game (144.1) behind the Baltimore Ravens, who were helped by a historic quarterback quarterback Lamar Jackson. San Francisco half runners Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert and even Jeff Wilson, Jr.

        L'entraîneur-chef des 49ers de San Francisco, Kyle Shanahan, n'a remporté que 10 matchs au cours de ses deux premières saisons avec l'équipe. Malgré le respect qu'il suscitait en tant que joueur de jeu, il y avait encore certains qui remettaient en question la capacité de l'entraîneur de prendre une équipe au niveau suivant.

Shanahan cleared up that doubt last season, leading his team to a division title and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Although the 49ers did not become champions, team CEO Jed York was sufficiently impressed to reward Shanahan with a contract extension, keeping him in the Bay Area until 2025.

Chris Simms of NBC Sports, while speaking with Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk Live, discussed the new contract won by the

There is no doubt that Trent Williams is among the most athletic offensive linemen in the NFL. The tackler joined the San Francisco 49ers via an exchange in April and will replace another athletic offensive lineman from Joe Staley, recently retired.

It is not often that a team can lose a player like Staley and win one like Williams. The 49ers’ offensive line shouldn’t miss a beat during the transition, and some might argue that it may have improved with the change.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan was in Washington when the team drafted Williams and is delighted to take him to the Bay Area. Shanahan experiences a good tackle from the NFL when he sees one.

“I’ve been fortunate, just in the places I’ve been, to be with some of the best tackles in the league,” Shanahan told Greg.


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