Mexico to resume the sending of workers employed in agriculture in Canada after COVID-19 of the security agreement


Mexico will resume the sending of temporary agricultural workers in Canada after the two countries reached an agreement on the improvement of safety protections for workers on farms in Canada during the sars coronavirus pandemic, the Mexican government said Sunday.Mexico said last Tuesday, it pauses the sending of workers on farms with coronavirus infections after Mexican nationals are dead COVID-19 after the epidemics, the 17 Canadian farms.

The announcement came as health officials in southern Ontario, on Sunday, has confirmed a third migrant worker from Mexico was dead.

The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit has said that the worker has been with Scotlynn Group — a large-scale farming operation of Vittoria, Ontario. — who currently has 217 positive cases involving migrant workers and agricultural workers.

Canadian farmers rely on the 60 000 short-term foreign workers, mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean, plant and harvest the crops.

In mexico, the Ministry of Foreign affairs said in a statement that the Temporary Farm Workers Program (PTAT) has ” entered into operation once again after a temporary pause. ”

The two countries have reached an agreement to improve the sanitary conditions of the citizens who work on farms, ” according to the press release.


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