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Meghan Markle and prince Harry have left sensationally as the senior members of the royal family earlier this year, claiming that they wanted to become financially independent. But the actor frank Laurence Fox has suggested that the couple may have left the fold for a very different reason.

Writing in a commentary for The Spectator, the wife of 42-year-old said that Meghan had left the fold of royal because she was not able to attract enough attention.He then stated that his point of view on the duchess held ” by a significant proportion of the population “.

The comments in the article are the result of his appearance at question time earlier this year.

It has triggered a huge controversy by claiming that being called a “man privileged white” was a racist and denied that Meghan has been the target of abuse racial.

During his television appearance, he said that the duchess was to leave the United Kingdom because she wasn’t getting enough attention, and Mr. Fox reiterated this assertion in his commentary.

The actor has described the criticism he received for having made those remarks as a “heresy” and stated: “The heresy was that, far from being hunted by the racist aboyants of this country are statistically very tolerant and diverse, Meghan Markle could have simply left for other reasons.

“Having spent years around actors, a trait quite common is a huge ego and desire to be the centre of attention.

“I include myself very firmly in this bracket.

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The university said: “The problem we have with this is that Meghan has agreed to be the wife of Harry, and the press has torn apart.

“Let me be very clear on what it is, call it by its name, this is racism.

“It is a black woman and she has been torn apart. ”

But Mr. Fox did not agree with these remarks and said: “This is not racism. No, this is not the case.

“We are the country that is most tolerant and the most charming in Europe.

“It is so easy to start up the card of racism to all the world, and it is really starting to become annoying now. ”

The exchange has sparked a huge reaction on social networks, and Mr. Fox stated that he had received several death threats after the broadcast of the program.

The british actor said that the comments he had made during the programme could prevent him from getting another job as an actor.


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