Meghan Markle “feels intended to combat racism” after he left Britain for the United States


Meghan Markle is considering launching a policy to combat the systemic racism in the United States, according to information.The duchess of Sussex was “an urgency to gnaw” to leave the United Kingdom and now wants to be at the ” tip “of the movement Black Lives Matter,’ said a friend.

Meghan, 38 years old, moved to California this year after she and prince Harry have quit their roles as royal.

A close friend would have said to “Meghan stated that her work as a leader is more important than ever at this time and that she spoke with Oprah, and other leaders of the community on how it can be part of the solution.

“Meghan has the impression that its mission goes well beyond comedy. She said she wanted to use his voice for change and that it had not ruled out a career in politics. ”

The insider said that Meghan thought that it was “designed” to fight against racism.

The duchess believes that she was “destined” to fight against racism, said a friend

In a speech to the students of his former school, Immaculate Heart School in Los Angeles, she spoke of citizens of afro-americans killed by the police.

She said: “The life of George Floyd was large and the life of Breonna Taylor was important, and the life of Philando Castile was large and the life of Tamir Rice was important. ”

She has spoken of his “devastation absolute” in the racial divisions, and of the death of George Floyd, saying to the girls graduates of his former school: “I am really sorry that you had to grow up in a world where it is always present”.

Meghan has broken ties with former girlfriend Jessica Mulroney, according to sources

Meghan would be “absolutely mortified” after her best friend Jessica Mulroney has threatened to sue an influencer black and can ” no longer be associated with it “, a-t-on learned.

Jessica, 40 years old, has been licensed to ABC, and his show was cancelled after threatened to sue Sasha Exeter following an argument over racism on Instagram.

Meghan addressed the students of his former school

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A close friend of Meghan had previously told the Daily Mail: “Meghan is absolutely mortified to have been caught up in this mess full.

“She said that Jessica was in no way a racist, but the way she handled the situation (with the influenceuse mode) was deaf, and heart-wrenching. ”

The source added that Meghan said that she ” could no longer be associated to Jessica, at least not in public.”


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