Medicom to install a second mask production unit in France


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Medicom Group has announced plans to open the second mask production site in France in partnership with its European subsidiary Kolmi-Hopen.

The new facility, which will be established under the name Medicom Kolmi-Hopen Engineering, will help the company meet the growing demand for surgical and respiratory masks across Europe.

Its existing production site in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou was acquired by the company in 2011 as part of its strategic initiative to diversify the production of masks worldwide.

With the launch next month of a second production unit for masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) in Beaucouzé, Medicom plans to increase its capacities and meet the demand of various European governments.

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The company also intends to resume supplying masks to customers in 26 European countries, as well as in Canada and Hong Kong.

With 11 new lines and an optimized production schedule, mask production at the two sites in France will triple over the next five months.

Gérald Heuliez, director of Kolmi-Hopengeneral, said: “We are proud of our partnership with the French government which has worked with us to increase efficiency, increase production and reduce the distribution time of critical equipment for workers in First line.

“With this progress, as well as the establishment of the new manufacturing plant in July, we will be able to resume supply to other customers and markets.”

Medicom Group’s global CEO, Guillaume Laverdure, said: “One of our main strengths is our diversified manufacturing footprint around the world and our willingness to invest in setting up local production, as announced recently in Canada, Singapore and now with a second factory in France.

The company currently has ten fully controlled manufacturing facilities, including recently opened and announced facilities in Canada and Singapore.


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