McFly’s Tom Fletcher shares grief on the tragic death of his childhood friend


McFly musician Tom Fletcher was left with a broken heart weekend amid news of a childhood friend by the name of Neil had died.The 34-year-old rocker shared a moving post on social media, he spoke of having a difficult, sad day.”

The dad of three, who became friends with Neil as a teenager, reflected on how they spent most of their time climbing trees.

In a nod to his late pal, Tom shared a photo of a gigantic tree, with his 1.8 million Instagram followers.

“Today has been a difficult, sad day. My closest friend through my teenage years, died this morning, ” Tom wrote in his long caption.

Tom Fletcher has written a long tribute on the social networks dedicated to his childhood friend Neil

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“We met when we were around 13 and have been immediately as brothers and sisters.

“We have rejected over the years, which is totally my fault and I was absolutely rubbish at being a friend, even if deep down I think and I hope that we both knew that we would always be there for each other.

Tom has not revealed the cause of the death of Neil, but he added: “We knew this day was coming just not that it would be soon and I thought I was going to get to see him again so today has been difficult. My heart is with his family tonight.

The McFly singer has shared a photo of the tree in a nod to his memories of climbing in the outdoors with his deceased friend

The singer wrote a touching message dedicated to his friend

Instead of sharing a photo of Neil, Tom has justified its choice of an image of a sunset in the nature to the memory of their lovemaking in the open air.

“It wasn’t really about social media, so I’m not sure he would have wanted me to post a picture of him, but since we spent most of our time in the park climbing trees, challenging each other to see who could climb to the top, I’m looking up to this one thinking that you have mounted today, Neil. Rest now my friend, X. ”

Tom is currently self-isolating with his wife Giovanna and their three sons, Buzz, six, Boyfriend, four, and Max, 22 months.

Tom has been at home with his wife and three children during the lockdown

During the lockout, the legendary British group came together once more to re-record a success that has been devoted to the NHS frontline workers.

Tom’s children Max, Buzz and Buddy, and band mates Harry and Danny children also made cameos in the re-recoded song.

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