McDonald’s will reopen 11 walk-in restaurants next week


McDonald’s will reopen 11 restaurants for walk-in customers starting June 17 at highway service stations – but dining rooms will remain closed

  • McDonald’s will reopen 11 restaurants at the Roadchef gas station on June 17
  • Deploy to UK main street, city and downtown restaurants from June 24
  • The number of store customers will be capped, with a one-way system in place
  • There will be a hand sanitizer in the cleaning stations with closed seats

McDonald’s announced today a new “walk-in” service that will allow customers to pick up orders at the checkout.

On June 17, McDonald’s will reopen 11 restaurants at the Roadchef gas station to the public for take-out for highway users.

The operation will be launched in restaurants on shopping streets, in the city centers of the United Kingdom and in Ireland from Wednesday 24 June.

The number of authorized customers in stores will be capped, with a one-way system in place and a hand sanitizer at cleaning stations.

There will be fewer auto-control screens on, disinfected at least every 30 minutes, while customer seats, toilets and elevators will remain closed.

On Wednesday, June 17, McDonald’s will reopen 11 restaurants at the Roadchef gas station to the public for takeaway meals for highway users. Pictured: Huge queues have formed across the country across the country after more than 1,000 reopened, including this one in Stourbidge

An aerial view shows cars circling McDonald's in Huddersfield on June 3

An aerial view shows cars surrounding a McDonald’s in Huddersfield on June 3

The fast food giant also announced today that its popular breakfast menu will return from June 24, but has not yet announced the locations in which it will be available.

McDonald’s said the breakfast menu would only be available in “a small number” of restaurants as part of a trial. The plan is then to roll it out nationwide in July if the trial is deemed successful.

There was chaos across the country as the fast food giant reopened 1,000 restaurants last week with orders via McDelivery or one of 923 driving services.

We have seen customers queuing for hours to get their hands on a Big Mac, cars blocking emergency vehicles in some places.

Fans can also get their hands on McMuffins starting June 24, when McDonald’s will test breakfast service in a small number of restaurants.

It aims to roll out the breakfast menu nationwide in July. Stores reopened with a limited menu last month, with downsizing and social distancing in the kitchens.

Tomorrow McDelivery will return to more than 570 restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

The full list will be available on McDonald’s website in the morning and customers will be able to order via Uber Eats or Just Eat from 11 a.m.

With breakfast back, what will be included in McDonald’s limited menu?

Main Menu:



Double cheeseburger

Big Mac

Quarter pound with cheese

McChicken Sandwich


McNuggets Chicken

Chicken selection

The breakfast menu (in a few weeks)

Side dishes & Desserts:


Mozzarella Dippers

McFlurry (Oreo, Maltesers, Smarties)

Fruit bag

What’s up?

No milkshakes or smoothies

No chicken wraps

There are no promotional items like the Big Tasty line

No sachets of carrot sticks, apple pies or muffins



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