Mayo Clinic announces new antibody test


ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – The Mayo Clinic announced a new breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19 on Thursday. The clinic says it has a new test that will help find out if the antibodies help neutralize COVID-19.

This is the test researchers hope they can also help find a vaccine. But it’s not for everyone.

He says, “This test is not really intended for screening the general population. It’s not really for people who think they’ve been exposed and want to get tested, “said John Mills, co-director of the Neuro-Immunology Laboratory & the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Technology. “This test is really intended for the identification of convalescent plasma donors, in search of vaccines. ”

Mills then said the test would help clinicians choose the best donors to match the right coronavirus patients, and help vaccine researchers see how the body responds to the virus itself.

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