Mark Davis gives his blessing to the idea of Colin Kaepernick signature


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Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis says he would have no problem with his football operation signature of Colin Kaepernick.

According to Paul Gutierrez of Davis said he was completely OK with the idea of Raiders of the add Kaepernick to the list since he became a free agent after the season 2016. However, it would fall on its football leadership to decide that it is a move they would be willing to do.

Since 2017I said that coaches and general managers that if they want to hire Colin Kaepernick, they have my blessing,” said mr. Davis.

In the four years Kaepernick has been without a gig, the signing of Kaepernick, apparently, has not been something that has been desired by the directors-general of Reggie McKenzie and Mike Mayock, or head coaches Jack Del Rio and Jon Gruden. It is not likely to change the current time, as either Marcus Mariota is a capable backup option to starter Derek Carr, and Gruden seemed to have a weakness for the third-stringer Nathan Peterman.

Gruden said two years ago, he thought Kaepernick will be signed soon. This did not materialize, as he has not been on a team for four years.

There was not a lot of feedback from owners on Kaepernick recently, since the time it made its stance against the brutality of the police at the centre of attention. Davis is at least expressing an openness to the idea of Kaepernick, even if the reality of the signature does not seem likely. It is yet to be seen if Roger Goodell to encourage teams to sign Kaepernick will eventually be paid off with a job offer.


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