Marcus Rashford and the Premier League, the players that make a difference


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On Tuesday, Marcus Rashford mobilized to 1.3 million children in England to claim free school meal vouchers this summer.

The player of Manchester United had already raised £20m for the provision of meals to the most vulnerable people in the course of the pandemic.

The positive reaction to what he has done is a refreshing change to the way in which footballers are often portrayed – the selfish over-paid stereotype.

And Rashford, 22, is not the only player using his platform for good in the Premier League.

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Troy Deneney famous, transformed his life after a stint in jail

Troy Deneney

Watford captain Troy Deneney is a legend among Hornets ‘ fans – not only did he help the team get promotion to the Championship five years ago, but it is known to turn his life around to become one of the most prolific goalscorers.

The 31-year-old, who went to prison in 2012, now runs the charity in his own name, with his wife Stacey.

It was established to provide money for children with learning disabilities, and chronic illness. The charity is currently raising funds to build a sports centre for special education at the school near Deneney the home of Watford.

Raheem Sterling

Not only is Sterling one of the matches of Manchester City and England more active on the field, but outside as well.

Last week he appeared on Newsnight to talk about racism in the united KINGDOM, and sing the praises of the Black Lives Matter protests across Britain.

Sterling, 25 years old, is also well-known for his contributions to charities – was born and grew up in the Wembley stadium, in London, he paid for 500 students from his old school to attend the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester City and Brighton, at the stage of last year.

He also made a “substantial” undisclosed contribution to the victims of the Grenfell Tower in 2017.

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The famous smile should be back on the mustache face if Liverpool wrap up the title race

Mo Salah

Golden boot, Champions League and soon to be the First champion of the League (if all goes well), Mo Salah is also known for his generosity.

His foundation helps 450 families in his home village of Basyoun in Egypt, by giving them a monthly allowance.

He has also given money to help young footballers in there, too.

And who can forget the day when he visited the 11-year-old Louis Fowler – a Liverpool fan who got so excited seeing Salah drive the club’s training ground as he ran straight into a lamppost. See it all unfold, Mb leads again to take photos with Louis… and his bleeding nose.

Juan Mata

Rashford’s United team-mate Juan Mata is not only to give his money, he has encouraged other top players to put their hands in their pockets too.

The Spanish midfielder to configure Common Goal of 2017, where players and managers to donate 1% of their salary each month, football charities around the world.

The initiative has more than 470 members, including Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and the Golden Ball winner Megan Rapinoe.

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Ozil is not a fan of wedding gifts apparently

Mesut Ozil

It could get a bit of stick from Arsenal fans for his contributions on the field this season, but Mesut Ozil has been busy helping all football was suspended for the lock.

It has made a donation of £80 000 Muslims in Turkey to help during the month of Ramadan, in the middle of the sars coronavirus crisis.

The money from the Germany international, who is of Turkish origin, have helped to provide food and assistance to 16 000 people who were in trouble.

And he has an impressive track record – when Ozil got married last summer, he turned down the gifts and instead paid for 1,000 children life-changing surgery.

Wilfred Zaha

Crystal Palace is WiIfred Zaha has been to give back to his native country, the Ivory Coast since the beginning of his football career.

Zaha, 27, gives 10% of his salary each month to charitable organizations to help the needy in the West African country.

It has led to him to choose the Best of Africa Prize for Philanthropic Endeavor of the last year.

The front also contributes to the funding of an orphanage run by his sister Carine, and closer to the house, Wilf offered accommodation for front line workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Harry Kane

Tottenham captain Harry Kane is another striker who has not forgotten his roots.

He joins forces with the League Two side Leyton Orient last month by sponsoring their jerseys for the next season and the gift of the space to three charitable causes.

The 26-year-old England boss has told the BBC that he wanted to give back to his local club and to say thank you for front-line NHS workers fighting against the sars coronavirus.

The O’s will also give 10% of the product of each replica shirt sold to the cause featured on the front.

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