MAQB: A Theory About Why The Patriots Wanted Cam Newton


Camp opens for most teams a month after yesterday. Or at least it’s supposed to. Here’s what we have for you this afternoon. …

• Someone who worked in New England made a pretty interesting point about the signing of Cam Newton, regarding the logic of Bill Belichick. He told me that in 2011 Belichick told everyone that the only thing that would kill the team early after the lockout was to get in shape and give up big games in a row of that. This guy then said about Newton, “So what better way to pressure a tired defense than to get Cam back there?” And then there is this: if the Patriots feel like they have to be a little bit simpler to play fast on offense, Newton can help that by allowing New England to build their racing game better. Now, I think the main reason to sign here is to give you several shots to get the right quarterback job, after Tom Brady, and the signing fits perfectly with Belichick’s model of buying cheap on prodigious talent (Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, Chad Ochocinco, Albert Haynesworth, etc., etc.). But what is specific to 2011 is certainly a good side benefit.

• I also think that the terms of the Newton contract have agreed to say more about this offseason than anything else. Spending is still the wildest during the first wave of free agency. After that, there were quite a number of top shifts available – Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco and Jameis Winston among them – who were waiting for a market that never warmed for them. Guys like Teddy Bridgewater, Nick Foles and even Chase Daniel took advantage of their early departure from the market when the market was hot. After that, the reality became clear, and it is for the first time in history a quarterback supply that has exceeded the demand for quarterback.


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