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After a vacation that went wrong and a vehicle held as security, the B.C. The Civil Settlement Tribunal ordered a man to pay his ex-girlfriend nearly $ 2,500.

Sherry Bereziak and Todd Kennedy started dating in October 2019. According to court documents, Bereziak had planned an international vacation before meeting Kennedy, but then decided to add him to the trip knowing he would reimburse her, according to CTV News Vancouver.

But once the couple went on vacation, the relationship “deteriorated considerably.”

“Everyone blames the other for the tumultuous vacation, where they did not spend the last few days together and returned separately,” the ruling said.

Bereziak submitted text messages to the court to prove that Kennedy owed him for the vacation, revealing that he had offered to reimburse him for the trip. She also claims that he left his vehicle in his parking lot as a “vacation payment guarantee”.

However, Kennedy claims that she “took his keys and kept the vehicle against his will.”

Tribunal member Chad McCarthy found no evidence that the vehicle was left in warranty.

“I find it more likely that Mr. Kennedy left his vehicle in the garage because he and Mrs. Bereziak drove his vehicle to the airport and left it there while on vacation,” McCarthy wrote.

And in the end, it was a victory for Bereziak because Kennedy was ordered to pay $ 2,465.47 for his portion of the vacation as well as interest and costs from the Civil Resolution Tribunal and costs related to disputes.

-With files from CTV News Vancouver


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