Man City vs Arsenal LIVE: Latest news, forecasts, updates, news from the team at the restart of the Premier League


Pep is concerned about the fitness of the playersPep Guardiola says that the players in the Premier League have not been given enough time to prepare for the restart of the project and feared a series of injuries when the football bounces.

James Robson, Manchester City will face Arsenal at the Etihad on Wednesday night – a report of the first match in England to be postponed due to a coronavirus.

And a layoff of three months to let the authorities try to put the devices remaining in a calendar checkered to minimize the impact on the next season.

The players of the city have received individual training programme for working out at home, with equipment such as exercise bikes, sent by the club. But they were not able to follow a course of training in full contact for less than three weeks.

Guardiola said: “They (the players) are very good revenue, thus we have no complaint to make. But the way we are in this moment, I think like the other clubs, is that we don’t know.

“You asked me how goes the team? I don’t know. Tomorrow, we will see the level of the team and from there, we will see how we will do better.

“We were worried about those three weeks, not like in Spain or Germany, they have five or six. We know that this is not enough, but it is what is. All of the people with their companies and their stores must adapt and we must adapt. I don’t know how many minutes will be at the high level. ”

Guardiola added: “I think we’re ready to play a match, but three days after, another and then four days after that, another. We are not ready.

“Not only Man City, all teams. But that is why we need to rotate and use absolutely all the players.

“The players whose physical conditions are natural best can sustain over time. You can play a game after three weeks of vacation, but we had two weeks of vacation stretched out on the couch, not doing much of anything, and that is why I think that the players are not completely, completely in shape.

“But we must begin and we must finish the season because the economic damage for all clubs should be the least possible. ”

Guardiola will face for the first time, his former assistant and Mikel Arteta, as manager. The two men are still in regular contact and the manager of the City reveals that he has sent a message to his counterpart at Arsenal on Tuesday afternoon.

“It was the wine that we will drink if the social distance permits “, he said. “I’m so excited to review it. One of the most beautiful people I have ever met, so it was a joy for me to work with him and the feeling I have is that he is happy there and he did an amazing job.

“He knows secrets (on City) as much as me, but he doesn’t play and I don’t play. I can suggest things, but in the end the players do so if we are better we will win.

“We know each other. He knows all of us because it is the same thing when he was here and he has been a part of amazing and important to our success in all of his years. It has helped us to be who we are and who we are. He knows, and we are delighted that he is back. “


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