Major League baseball contrera not the proposal of 70 matches of the Union


NEW YORK – The players ‘ association was informed on Friday by the Major League Baseball that the teams will not accept more than 60 games during the season delayed by the pandemic, leaving the possibility of a calendar even shorter, maybe 50 games or less.

While the NBA and NHL have found ways to begin their sports, baseball has not been able to cope with the economic dislocation due to the new coronavirus and the prospect of playing in football fields blank, referring to labor disputes fractured that led to eight work stoppages from 1972-95. With the passing of time, the sport will have the best calendar, the shortest since the dawn of professional baseball in the 1870s.

The parties are increasingly dismayed and seem to be heading for a lockout of the spring training session in 2022. However, they agree on a novelty: the last proposal of the MLB this week includes the start of extra innings with a runner on second base, and the counter-proposal the union said this would only be acceptable for 2020, in the case of an agreement.

This aspect, reported for the first time by USA Today, was confirmed to the Associated Press by a person familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because no announcement has been made.

The commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred visited Arizona and met with the head of the union Tony Clark for five hours on Tuesday in order to put an end to the fighting and to conclude an agreement. Manfred said the next day, the parties had reached a framework for a schedule of 60 games in the regular season and the salary pro-rata full that players had requested, and the post-season would be reduced from 10 teams to 16 this year and 14 or 16 in 2021 As in the case of the experience of the extra sleeves, the greatest post-season does happen only in case of agreement.

But Clark refused to call it a framework and stated that the executive sub-committee to eight players, and had been rejected. The union has countered with a schedule of 70 games in the context of a proposal that left the sides to approximately $ 275 million.

“The MLB has informed the association that it would not respond to our last proposal, and wouldn’t play more than 60 games,” said the union in a press release Friday evening. “Our board of directors will be meeting in the near future to determine the next steps. It is important to note that the players remain determined to get back to work as soon as possible. ”

The players were originally scheduled to earn about 4 billion dollars in wages this year. This amount would be reduced to us $ 1.73 billion for a schedule of 70 games, $ 1.48 billion for 60 games and $ 1.23 billion dollars for 50 games – which roughly corresponds to the total of the initial proposal to the MLB for a schedule of 82 games with a salary range of mobile.

In addition, the MLB has offered a pool of players for 25 million dollars after the season. even if there is a lack of fans. The union has proposed $ 50 million. Normally, the pool is funded by the sale of tickets to post-season.


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