Macron told Dorsey Twitter is welcome to move business to France


(Bloomberg) – Following Twitter Inc.’s discussions with US President Donald Trump, the French president called Jack Dorsey last week to reiterate his support for the business, according to an assistant to Emmanuel Macron.President Macron also joked with Dorsey that Twitter – based in San Francisco – would be welcome in France.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment. The call was first reported by the French weekly Canard Enchaine.

Trump’s anger exploded after Twitter made the unusual decision in late May to add a fact-checking label to the president’s two postal ballot tweets – a reversal of a strategy of silence that lasted for years as he spread lies and questionable information about his social media service.

Shortly after, Twitter slapped a notice of rule violation on another Trump post warning Minnesota protesters that “when the looting begins, the shooting begins.” ”

Jack Dorsey’s position against Trump marks long debated red line

The Twitter decision sparked an outpouring of criticism from Trump and the U.S. Conservatives. In contrast, a senior EU official, the Vice-President of the European Commission for Values ​​and Transparency, Vera Jourova, quickly welcomed Twitter’s decision to implement a “transparent and consistent moderation policy”.

Macron’s assistant said the president wants the platforms to comply with European and French content retention rules – which are generally more restrictive than in the United States.

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Any business that feels threatened at home is welcome in France, added help.

Macron made attracting foreign companies and investors a key selling point in its 2017 presidential campaign, supported by a pro-business program.

At the 2018 Internet Governance Forum in Paris, Macron advocated for more regulation on the Internet and repeatedly pledged to fight fake news. He backfired recently after the government was forced to remove an online tool that labeled information about Covid as reliable or not. The website, named Desinfox, was killed after the government was criticized for infringing on press freedom.

Macron and Dorsey talk about it once or twice a year, depending on the president’s aide. The CEO came to Macron’s office for an event last year.

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