Luke Dowling posts update on West Brom transfer before summer window


Luke Dowling insists that lessons have been learned in West Brom 12 months after the club failed to rebound in the Premier League on the first attempt. Dowling, who did not supervise recruitment in the summer of 2018 because he did not arrive at The Hawthorns until the following September, helped recruit four rental companies in January 2019 as Albion sought to return to the country. elite, but they fell into the room. -Obstacle.

Things certainly got better last summer, when Dowling and Slaven Bilic oversaw a team overhaul, with championship football in mind, rather than the ambition of high-flying football itself.

Now, as Albion returns home with nine games to play, Dowling and his team prepare for either scenario – no matter which division they end up in the next term.

The technical director is also wary of the financial implications that the current coronavirus pandemic is currently causing in the football industry and anticipates and modifies the type of fees to be paid.

“Last year, I think we got it wrong. We were only looking for players for the Premier League and we are probably ahead of us, ”said Dowling.

“This time we are trying to be calm. Things will be much better if we are a Premier League club, but you need to be prepared and have lists for both scenarios.

“I will admit that the list is longer and better if we are a Premier League club.

“I think the list will change depending on what we have. When you hear about other prominent clubs and agents, I think the transfer fees will also be reduced. I think it will be a very different window.

“I think we will see a real change. It’s not just football, it’s all businesses around the world

“As far as football is concerned, it will be fees and salaries. Make no mistake, there will be good wages to be won for the players, but I don’t think they will be at a very high level. ”


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