Lufthansa adds new lines from June, Transavia de France


June 1, 2020 – The latest news from the vicinity of Croatian airports for flights to Croatia with updates from Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar, Rijeka.

Croatian Aviation reports that the German national airline Lufthansa has announced flights to a number of European destinations and, among others, the company will launch flights to Dubrovnik and Pula.

As of June 20, the airline will fly from Frankfurt to Pula and Dubrovnik once a week for the time being.

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The Frankfurt – Dubrovnik line is reintroduced (from June 20), once a week in June, every Saturday. It will operate an A320neo with a capacity of 180 passengers.

The Frankfurt – Pula line is reintroduced (from June 20), once a week in June, every Saturday. There will be a slightly smaller aircraft (100 passengers) on this route – the Embraer190.

Lufthansa does not currently plan flights to the region from Munich, but will gradually add flights from Frankfurt. Lines to other airports in Croatia are expected to be introduced in July.

Croatian Aviation adds that Croatia Airlines is launching another domestic route. With Dubrovnik and Split, from June 8, the Zagreb – Zadar – Pula line will be in circulation.

The route normally operates twice a day in the summer flight schedule, but the national national airline now reintroduces it with a daily flight between the cities mentioned.

From June 8, the line will be operational every day, in the evening, with departure from Zagreb at 9 p.m. and arrival in Pula at 11 p.m. Of course, this line, as before, stops at Zadar. The return flight from Pula leaves at 6 am for Zadar, from where the DashQ400 plane continues its journey to Zagreb, where it should land at 07:40.

Passengers from Pula and Zadar will be able to continue their journey to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zurich and Frankfurt with a minimum of time in Zagreb. In the opposite direction, from the cities mentioned in Pula and Zadar via Zagreb, the waiting time between flights is long and demotivating for passengers.

Latvian national airline Air Baltic has made operational changes to its seasonal routes to Croatia. Namely, Croatian Aviation reports that the long-term seasonal line Riga – Rijeka, which operated mainly twice a week, will operate this year only once a week from July 29 to September 16.

Air Baltic also announced the introduction of the Vilnius-Rijeka route, which was originally scheduled to operate twice a week, but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Riga – Split line will operate once a week from June 29, and the second weekly flight will be introduced from July 31. The airline’s original plan was to fly the Riga – Split route three times a week, but the number of weekly departures was reduced according to demand.

The Riga – Dubrovnik line will operate twice a week from July 27, there has been no reduction in capacity and weekly departures on this line, but the start of traffic has been postponed until the end of July.

The Vilnius – Dubrovnik line, which was to operate for the first time this year (like the Vilnius – Rijeka line), has been completely canceled for this summer season. The two-week flight on this route was originally scheduled.

This airline will complete the entire summer flight program with a unified fleet in order to reduce operating costs, therefore A220 aircraft are expected on all routes to Croatia, which have a capacity of 145 passengers in the fleet of this carrier.

Finally, Transavia, the low-budget subsidiary of the Air France group – KLM, has announced the relaunch of certain routes from France to destinations in Croatia.

Croian Aviation reports that as of June 29, Transavia will launch a total of four routes to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula airports.

The Nantes – Dubrovnik line is being reintroduced with two weeks of departure (Wednesday and Saturday). The company currently plans to maintain this number of rotations until July as well.

The Paris Orly – Dubrovnik line is being reintroduced, three times a week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday). The number of weekly flights is expected to reach a total of four in July.

The Paris Orly – Split line is reintroduced three times a week (Thursday, Friday and Sunday). The company plans to increase the number of flights to six per week in July.

The Paris Orly – Pula line is also set up twice a week, and it is likely that this number of flights will be maintained in July.

Transavia has B737 aircraft in the fleet, 700 and 800 versions, with a capacity of 149 and 189 seats.


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